We open our hearts and our borders to the people of Ukraine


With all the power of a superpower Russia tried to destroy people Ukraine for the past month. By the boundless strength of their own spirit, the Ukrainian people withstood the onslaught. The world has opened its heart and geographical borders to its need.

When heroism, as they say, is more endurance for a moment, her courage shines. With their homes and hopes now in ashes, Ireland embraces its people. Vladimir Putin’s shameless, self-proclaimed “military special operation” is a violation of civilization. He tried to give the grotesque barbarism of war a proper paint job. In the bombing of hospitals, kindergartens and theaters, he revealed his true intentions.

With extreme violence he tried to wipe out the rights of a sovereign neighbor. He increases the threat of nuclear threats. Ireland stands for and by the rights of small nations. Our country, too, has lived in the shadow of an empire and knows all too well the dire consequences of clumsy territorial conflicts. With more than 10 million Ukrainians forced to flee or displaced within their homes – mostly women and children – we are linked through time and history to their plight.

Therefore, all who come here must not only be offered a safe haven, but given a warm welcome. Millions of our ancestors were scattered to all corners of the world by war and famine. In this centenary decade, we commemorate them. But if we are to truly honor both their sacrifices and their legacy, we must also help those who come to our shores in their time of great need.

Like Ireland, Ukraine is a proud and independent country, no stranger to extreme suffering. Between 1932 and 1933, 3.9 million people – 13 percent of the population – died from a famine known as the Holodomor, a combination of the Ukrainian words for “to starve” and “to inflict death.”

The cause was Joseph Stalin’s catastrophic plan to replace smallholder farms in Ukraine with state collectives. Though it took a terrible toll, the people stood up and ultimately totalitarian authority would end.

Today, Ukrainians are once again in mortal danger from a new tyranny.

Putin’s hope of hijacking history and tying it to the runaway train of his own dark ambitions cannot succeed. His misplaced sense of persecution has made life miserable for the people of Ukraine.

With unbridled brutality he has attempted to recreate the world in his distorted image. He will fail. Besieged or not, the Ukrainian people will not bow down.

It is the duty of all freedom-loving people to support them. Ireland can best do this by welcoming those who have nowhere else to turn.

It is our privilege, not just our duty, to do so.

As Irish peace activist Betty Williams said: “To say you can make a difference every day, well, you can. One act of kindness a day can do it.” We open our hearts and our borders to the people of Ukraine

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