We rely a little too heavily on Google in our search for answers

Yesterday was World Dictionary Day and I am once again reminded of how dependent I am on Google.

It’s easy to look up the spelling and pronunciation of a word on the internet, but remember that you can do it without the help of technology.

Even searching the whole house for the dictionary is part of the “self-thinking” process. It may or may not be a better way, but it is an alternative.

Being resourceful and being able to think for yourself is a skill. We all have it, and we must hold onto it to maintain our sense of accomplishment and sanity. Try it. Think of another way. Don’t wait for your computer to fail.

Grace Redmond

Clonsilla, Dublin 15

We will suffer from Liz Truss’s government failures

Who could believe a Prime Minister who fought for eight weeks on an important issue which, if implemented by her chancellor-elect, saw her sacking him when it became clear that the issue would bankrupt her country . Nobody saw that she was really incapable?

Your second-choice moneyman may be a former businessman, but he has absolutely no experience in finance at the highest level, which overwhelms both of them.

Liz Truss is overwhelmed in a shower tray. When it comes to “plans,” even Baldrick had one.

Britain is a complete shambles and we will suffer greatly if sterling weakens.

David Ryan

Co Meath

A refreshing look at our great nation and its culture

It was so refreshing to read Catherine Devitt’s letter (“A rich, frugal childhood is all it takes for a person to be successful,” Irish Independent, Letters, October 15) with her positive outlook on the “great country” we live in and perspective as a teacher. Since I’m roughly the same vintage as Catherine, I can identify with her experience and philosophy of life. Her approach stands in sharp contrast to what has become of the political discourse inside and outside the Dáil.

Negativity and tiresome belligerence have replaced constructive debate, and many politicians seem to have lost the old-fashioned love of country and pride in being Irish. I would like to believe that my grandchildren will be fortunate enough to experience teachers of Ms. Devitt’s caliber and attitude.

Pat O’Mahony

Westport, Co Mayo

A pointless mouse escapade made me ponder life’s lessons

The other day I humanely caught a mouse indoors and decided to release it back into the wild.

Arriving at my destination, I opened the car door to let the mouse out, only to find two old and very small terriers staring at me, which by human standards must have been 180 years old combined.

After they retreated what I thought was a safe distance from the car, I opened the door without facing the aforementioned pooches and released the filthy mouse onto the grass, where it scampered under the car, followed quickly by the two old hounds. who took it back with a squeak and continued to play with it.

As someone who believes there is a valuable lesson to be learned in every life experience, I’m still trying to figure it out.

Think I’ll sleep on this for a while.

Liam power

Blackrock, Dundalk, County Louth

Reasonable and logical opinion on the scourge of IRA chants

Regarding the letter from Edward Horgan (“Apology for past violence and renunciation of it in the future will unite us – not IRA chants”, Irish IndependentLetters, 15th October) to me this was a sensible and logical post I’ve seen regarding the behavior of the Ireland women’s football team who celebrated their victory last week.

I was particularly impressed by the last paragraph of his letter and of course I wholeheartedly agree with him.

I served as a senior officer at An Garda Síochána for 30 years.

During that time, 18 of my colleagues were murdered, 14 by the IRA, all in the interest of preserving democracy. need i say more

Tom Butler

Stillorgan, Dublin

Brick levy fundamentals may be too weak to stand firm

Government facing U-turn on brick levy?

It seems the initial decision isn’t entirely set in stone.

Tom Gilsenan

Beaumont, Dublin 9

https://www.independent.ie/opinion/letters/in-our-search-for-answers-we-rely-a-bit-too-much-on-google-42070974.html We rely a little too heavily on Google in our search for answers

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