“Weak, weak man”: Elon Musk makes fun of the collapse on his own website


Users of the site, which was called Twitter when it bought it for $44 billion last year, have accused him of hypocrisy for claiming he is a “free speech absolutist” while saying he has “no choice.” ‘ than to sue the organization.

The company’s value has fallen since Musk’s purchase, and he said Monday that ADL “appears to be responsible for the majority of our revenue loss.” In another post, he said the organization’s “baseless allegations” kept advertisers away.

“They have a lot less power in Asia, so our ad revenue is still high there.” he wrote.

Musk’s latest legal threat drew applause from his supporters, including at least some white nationalist and anti-Semitic displays.

But he also drew plenty of criticism, including quite a few who couldn’t help but point out the hypocrisy of a free speech “absolutist” who is suing his critics:

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