Weaknesses of Regice & Counters in Pokemon Go (2022)

Pokemon Go will help you face tough raid Pokemon during your adventures outdoors. If one of these is Regice, you’ll need to have a strong team by your side, because they can be a tough fight if you don’t have the right setup ready. If you’re getting ready for a battle with Regice, we’ll walk you through the best counters and all its weak points in this guide!

Regice Weakness & Counters

Regice is a full Ice-type Pokemon, which gives it a weak spot in the Fight, Fire, Rock, and Steel moves. You’ll want to bring along a team full of Pokemon who can use those types of moves if you’re looking to beat them.

If you’re running low on Pokemon to throw at Regice, you’ll just want to make sure to avoid bringing along any Pokemon with Ice-type moves. Regice is resistant to Ice, so make sure to keep those Pokemon in the box. You’ll also want to try and avoid bringing along Dragon, Flying, Grass, and Ground-type Pokemon. These are all weak against Ice, which is the bulk of what Regice will use against you.

Best Regice Bar

The best vehicles for Regice are the Pokemon of the Battle, Fire, Rock, and Steel type that have powerful Battle, Fire, Rock, and Steel-Type moves they can use in battle. You can use things like Reshiram, Metagross, Terrakion, Chandelure, Darmanitan, Moltres, and many more! If you have their Mega or Shadow versions they will usually get the job done faster.

Here is an extensive list of Pokemon you can use with the best moves they have available to them to fight. You don’t necessarily have to have the correct moveset, but make sure you have the right migration pattern to take advantage of Regice’s weakness.

  • Reshiram – Fire Fang / Too hot
  • Metagross – Bullet Punch / Meteor Mash
  • Terrakion – Smack Down / Sacred Sword
  • Chandeliers – Fire Spin / Overheat
  • Darmanitan – Fire Fang / Too hot
  • Moltres – Fire Spin / Overheat
  • Heatran – Fire Wheel / Flamethrower
  • Conkeldurr – Counter / Dynamic Punch
  • Blaziken – Counter / Blast Burn
  • Entei – Fire Fang / Too hot
  • Rhyperior – Smack Down / Rock Wrecker
  • Emboar – Low Kick / Blast Burn
  • Lucario – Counter / Aura Sphere
  • Breloom – Counter / Dynamic Punch
  • Rampardos – Smash down / Slide the rock
  • Flareon – Fire Spin / Overheat
  • Machamp – Counter / Dynamic Punch
  • Charizard – Fire Spin / Blast Burn
  • Salamence – Fire Fang / Fire Blast

If you run out of the best counters on the list then running quite a few high level Fire-type Pokemon will get the job done. You don’t always have to have the ideal Pokemon to win the battle!

Promotional image of Pokemon Go Regice

Those are all the weak points and best fixes for Regice in Pokemon Go. We have more detailed instructions for you to pay in Pokemon Go section of our website.

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