Web Builders vs Web Designers: What’s Best For your Business?

What comes to your mind when you hear HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Do not worry if you’re completely blanking out. Years ago, you and the millions of other people without IT backgrounds would have had something to worry about. Today, technology has evolved for the benefit of the techie and non-techie alike. While you do not need to know what those terms stand for, your business needs a website. Does your business have one?

Websites are an essential component of any modern, functional, and profitable business. Having a good, beautifully built website is like having a beautiful storefront. How do you ask? Well, it can make a potential customer choose to walk into your store instead of the next. It does not matter what you’re selling or how good what your selling is, a bad website will make a potential lead close the tab without a second thought.

Whether you have a bad website or none at all, there’s a silver lining – it is easy to get a fresh site to start (over) with. You could either go for a professional web designer and have them do everything for you, or use a website builder of your choice to create a professional website without any help. What’s best for your business? What option should you go for? Read on to learn about both!

Who is a Web Designer?

Web designers are good at their job. Some are so good that they double as web developers as well. Did you know that those were two different roles? Not many people do.

A web designer is all about aesthetics. They are the ones responsible for what a website looks like, or to put it as a creative soul would, how a website feels. A web designer is a person who makes sure that the people who land on your website want to have a look around. Depending on your input and preferences, a web designer will help pick colors, images, button designs, fonts, animations, and anything along those lines. They visualize the end product.

Web developers are the real coders. Based on the design guidelines set by the web designer, a web developer will make a fully functional site.

Should You Hire a Web Designer?

There are several upsides to hiring a web designer to come up with a website for your business. The fact that you’re hiring a fellow human being means that there is a custom element to it.

If you do not consider yourself creative, it may be difficult to come up with branding for your business. It may be even more difficult to apply and be consistent with your branding on your website if you’re the one giving input. A web designer can help with both those things.

A web designer also means a custom website. Something (mostly) built entirely from scratch. This makes it unique; it makes it stand out from the competition. A web designer will have attention to detail. 

For all the upsides, there is a huge asterisk when hiring a web designer. First of all, all that comes at a price that may be too hefty for your business to incur. We’re talking anything from $2,000 and above. Building a site from the ground up also takes a lot of time. It may be time you do not have, seeing as you need a website now.

An even bigger risk is the type of person you hire. Humans are, well, human. You may get a perfect professional who makes every dime worth it, or, you may end up with a website that does not do your business any favors. So, what’s the alternative?

Web Builders

What is a website builder? It is a platform with which anyone can make a professional website without the technical knowledge that is traditionally required. They are mostly online tools that enable you to quickly build a no-code website.

Web builders are built by professionals to put the power of web design and development into non-techie hands. They do the hard work and heavy lifting so that you do not have to.

Web sites thrive on being user-friendly, with most of them being drag-and-drop from start to finish. You’re provided with lots of customizable templates to choose from, ensuring that your website looks exactly as you want it to.

The prices are also very friendly, with packages ranging from absolutely free to $20 a month for very many additional benefits.

Are Web Builders a Better Option?

Which is the better option for you? Let’s try to be systematic about answering this question. Several things need to be established before going any further.

Budget is always a consideration. Always. With hiring a web designer being quite the financial undertaking, can your business foot the bill? With web builders, you have the choice of starting with the lowest-priced tier and advance as per your business needs. This way, you always have a website with a cost within your business means.

Business Category: 

E-commerce? Restaurant? Photography? Your website needs to always reflect the industry that you are in. A website builder may nail the look and feel of a site based on this consideration or produce a generic one. With web builders, templates are categorized into industries, allowing you to sift through the modern designs in your category and choose the one that best suits your business. The chances of finding a design that looks better than you had imagined are much higher with online web builders.


What is a requirement for your website? With web designers and developers, niche features may incur huge additional costs. Web builders adapt templates to your industry, adding features that you will most probably require. CTAs, chatbots, galleries are easy additions through plugins, tools that add extra functionality to your web builder website.


Thousands of templates mean thousands of designs. If you hand over the full creative license to a web designer, they have full say over what your website looks like. With online web builders, you only have to scroll through your preferred category to find a design that suits your business perfectly!


With little technical experience, managing your web builder website is a walk in the park. Any updates, changes, additions, and even technical stuff like additional bandwidth can be done at the click of a few buttons. With web designers, chances are you’ll have to fork out a little more if you change your mind down the line.


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