‘Weird Al’ Yankovic reveals stunning gift ‘every young woman wants’


Some gifts melt hearts. Others merge faces.

“Weird Al” Yankovic shared an item that Dan Butts, the production designer on the recreated biopic “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story,” gave his daughter, Nina.

The film contains a scene where Dr. Demento (played by Rainn Wilson), who spikes guacamole with LSD, sends Yankovic (Daniel Radcliffe) on a wild journey that ends with his face melting.

Butts gave the prop from this scene to the five-time Grammy winner’s daughter.

Calling it “exactly what every young woman wants,” Yankovic shared a picture on Twitter:

“Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” should earn an Outstanding TV Feature nomination when the Emmys are announced next month variety prediction it will win the category.

Radcliffe could also get a nomination for his role as Yankovic, and the film could pick up a few more awards.

The film will be streamed on Roku Channel.

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