West may be full of promises, but it lacks actual help

Given the devastation being inflicted on Ukraine, and considering statements made by Western leaders, I can only conclude that the EU, US, UK and NATO have promised Ukraine all forms of aid, without actual Help.

Paul Harington

Navan, Co Meath

Is it any wonder that Ukraine is seeking NATO protection?

Some cited the eastward expansion of NATO as the reason for the Ukraine conflict

May I suggest that it was the prospect of once again living under the yoke of Putin’s Russia that prompted these eastern states to rush to join NATO.

After experiencing the freedoms of democracy, who would willingly return to a regime in which civil, human and political rights are denied and the media is silenced?

This is, after all, a regime that murders and poisons its political opponents both within and outside its jurisdiction.

Russia may be paranoid about its security, but is it any wonder its neighbors are even more so?

Why not seek NATO’s protective umbrella with their warlike neighbor through its actions in Ukraine to reinforce the wisdom of their decision?

Donald Healy,

Kilcock, Co Meath

Putin did not count on Zelenskyy’s sheer resilience

If Vladimir Putin thought his aggressive incursion and ongoing invasion of Ukraine would be a smooth and swift process, he failed to consider Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s sheer resilience.

We might not have known who he was two weeks ago but he is a household name in Ireland and a legend across Europe.

His defiance of a brutal oppressor who both reflects and inspires the stoic dignity of his people awes the western world and leaves Putin behind.

Putin must know for sure that the legacy of the Ukrainian president will live on even if he manages to kill Zelenskyy.

Putin will have made him a martyr and the stuff of folklore that makes long-term occupation pointless.

In the absence of boots on the ground and the establishment of a no-fly zonethe West must work as quickly, loudly and diligently – as Mr. Zelenskyy must address the plight of his people – to impose the toughest economic sanctions on the Putin regime.

Killian Brennan

Malahide Road, Dublin 17

It is irresponsible to spoil the census results for any reason

Regarding Mary Kenny’s article (“Catholic, Anglican, Jedi or no faith, fill out the census according to your own conscience”, Irish Independent2nd March), I am surprised that such an experienced and experienced journalist as Ms. Kenny would suggest writing “Jedi” under the religious census question.

This frivolous suggestion is either a deliberate undermining of the Humanist Association’s public information campaign, or Ms. Kenny simply does not understand how the census reporting process works.

Writing “Jedi” as your religion means your answer will not be counted and will be treated as an invalid vote in a general election.

What Mrs Kenny is doing is encouraging citizens to invalidate their census results and we think that is extremely irresponsible.

Jillian Brennan

CEO, Humanist Association of Ireland

Standing with Connolly means coming to terms with reality

I was glad to see Frank Coughlan’s witty article on the Irish Left (“The Irish Left’s anti-Western fetishists are beyond parody”, Irish IndependentMarch 1) brought clarification from People Before Profit Secretary Kieran Allen (letters2nd March).

While he criticizes Mr Coughlan’s article for being not factual, I would question his claim that his party is “in the tradition of James Connolly”.

There are many aspects of this party’s politics that certainly do not, and which, as Mr. Coughlan notes, are “more Groucho than Karl”.

If People Before Profit were genuinely interested in those who supported James Connolly, it would address reality rather than the “economically illiterate” propositions they constantly espouse.

Mary Steward

Ardekin, Donegal

The next Labor leader could be the crème de la crème

After all the mess, does the cream (Ivana Bacik) rise to the top?

Oliver McGrane,

Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

https://www.independent.ie/opinion/letters/west-may-be-full-of-promises-but-it-is-short-on-actual-help-41409427.html West may be full of promises, but it lacks actual help

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