What are Docker certifications- benefits, exam details, study guide

The demand for Docker certification has grown significantly, as has its popularity. Docker reduces the delay between writing the code and running it in production. It lets you manage the infrastructure the same way you operate applications. That is why the software can be delivered quickly by taking advantage of Docker. 

This is the ultimate guide to Docker Certified Associate (DCA), which will give you all the details regarding how to excel in Docker certification, the advantages of being certified, how to prepare for it, etc. 

But before everything else, let us explore what Docker is. 

What is Docker?

Docker is a free, open-source application software for creating and executing programs inside virtual “containers.” Including the OS, app code, runtime, system libraries, system tools, etc., these containers provide everything an app needs to function. Docker makes creating, deploying, managing, and sharing programs packaged in containers easier.

What is Docker certification? Why to get Docker certified?

The certification enables applicants to demonstrate proficiency with the different Docker functionalities. Therefore, the candidate’s technical expertise in Docker setup and configuration would be considered a bonus. 

In addition, candidates should be well-versed in orchestration, imaging, networking, and security. Finally, a docker-certified associate course will enable you to learn all the core concepts of Docker Hub, Docker Compose, and everything in between. 

Advantages of getting Docker certified

The following are the benefits of DCA:

  • After earning your Docker certification, you will have unrestricted access to events reserved for pros and certified users.
  • Those that pass Docker will have access to a large professional network that will help you expand the scope of finding your dream job. 
  • Docker certification is globally recognized, allowing IT professionals to stay ahead of the curve. 
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Who can apply for Docker certification?

If you have a technical background, work in cloud computing, or have non-technical experience, the below-mentioned areas of expertise will benefit from this certification to upskill or for a career change:

  • Software developers
  • Testers
  • Cloud Professionals 
  • Solutions Architect
  • Data Scientists and Managers
  • System Administrators and Release Engineers

Learning objectives addressed in the exam

Before we tell you how to prepare for the Docker Certified Associate exam, you must know about the topics covered in the certification exam.

  • Orchestration 25%
  • Image Creation, Management, and Registry- 20%
  • Installation & Configuration- 15%
  • Networking-15%
  • Security-15%
  • Storage & Volume- 10%

Docker certified associate exam details & prerequisites

Apart from the topics, you must also be aware of the exam format, which will equip you to prepare better with confidence.

  • Exam Fees: $195
  • Exam duration: 90 minutes
  • No of Questions: 55 
  • Multiple choice questions: 13 questions
  • Discrete Option Multiple Choice: 42 questions

There are no requirements to sign up for the exam, but you must have the drive and skills to take the exam and pass it with flying colors. 

How to prepare for the Docker certification?

A well-organized study strategy will allow you to cover all the material on the test and understand its structure, trends, and difficulty. If you want to become a Docker Certified Associate, follow these steps to prepare.

  1. Visit the official website

First, you must go over all of the learning objectives for the exam and pay close attention to how the objectives are split up and how much weight each one has. Then, it will provide you with all the reliable information you want, like exam details, format, questions, faqs, white papers, etc. 

  1. Training- opt for a course
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Sign up for the Docker Certified Program as the next step in getting ready for the exam. It will train you for the examination with correct guidance from industry experts and access to study materials and video courses. In addition, the various in-demand skills needed by IT companies are considered when designing training programs. Due to these reasons, opting for a training program can benefit aspiring Docker professionals. 

  1.  Appear for mock tests

After completing courses and reviewing the official websites, you must appear for mock tests to equip you so that before signing up for the exam, you are well prepared and confident to appear. In addition, there are a lot of practice papers available out there, so solve and practice as many as you can. 

  1. Read books

On your path to becoming a Docker Certified Associate, make books your best friend. Books will help you increase your knowledge and deepen your understanding of Docker’s core concepts. 

  1. Join a study group

Spending time with people who share your interests and perspective can help you focus on the material and clear up any questions or concerns you may have. You can use the information from these discussions to pass the test the first time.

  1.  Make notes

Professionals will not take the exam immediately after registering for it, so on your journey; you can make notes while preparing so that you remember all the nitty-gritty details related to the learning objectives. 

This is everything you need to know about the Docker Certified Associate exam. This article has highlighted everything from exam details to benefits and tips to prepare for the exam. To pass the Docker Certified Associate exam, you must take the necessary steps and use the appropriate study strategy. The purpose of this complete study guide for the Docker Certified Associate exam is to ensure that you have a firm grasp on the meaning and validity of the material on the test.

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This article is a fantastic resource for anybody interested in Docker certifications as a career path. This will help you develop a great career and excellent work profile.

In light of Docker’s meteoric rise in the IT industry, getting the necessary certification and maintaining familiarity with the latest tools and technologies would do you well.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to choose the right career path to be fulfilled in your work and live the life you want.

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