What Are The Most Popular Flowers Around The World?

A Variety Of Options To Choose From

There are endless flowers in the world, and doubtlessly, there are even a few which as yet have not been discovered. Has anyone traversed every square inch of every jungle and rainforest in the world?

That’s certainly a rhetorical question: no, no one has ever combed every square inch of every jungle, rainforest, and traditional swatch of solemn pines the world over. Not even satellites can pierce many tropical canopies. So though the following flowers are quite popular, does that mean they’re the best? How can this possibly be known?

You see, there’s a level of subjectivity to this question. As a result, what you’re about to read can’t be long enough to give every sort of floral bloom proper justice. However, we can briefly explore three well-known flowers that are easy to recognize, and some of the most popular around the world.

1. Roses Tend To Be “King”

For romance, everyone loves roses. Such flowers also have a solemn nature to them which recommends certain colors to be used in other areas of society. Consider funeral arrangements. You’ll find few deep red roses, but you might find some. White, black, and yellow roses may be in abundance. As it turns out, you can find roses in just about every color, save green.

Flowers aren’t generally green; but their stems are. What’s a green flower but a leaf? Perhaps it’s worth considering that human designations for what is floral may not match the deeper realities defining existence, but that’s neither here nor there. What’s relevant here is that in America, the UK, South Korea, and many other countries, roses are the most popular flower.

If you’re interested in some additional information on how roses have attained their status around the world, you can read more about the history of roses here.

2. Orchids Are Certainly Princely Flowers

Orchids have a reputation for being reflective of creative fertility, which is something worth looking into in a historical sense. There’s a movie where Nicolas Cage plays twins, and the subject is Cage’s character trying to make a film about this most beautiful of flowers.

That film is called Adaptation, and though it includes many moments some might find vulgar, it does provide a little background on this most beautiful of flowers. Belize, China, Honduras, and Colombia are several countries where this flower is quite popular.

Furthering the popularity of this diverse and historically significant plant is its longevity. Unlike many flowers, orchids can last multiple months and remain as vibrantly beautiful as when first they were brought to a given room.

3. Chamomile is Beautiful and Useful – The Gentry

Chamomile isn’t only a flower, it’s useful as a health supplement as well; here’s an article pertaining to its history. While you can also eat roses, they’re less known than chamomile for associated ingestible properties.

In Russia, this is one of the most popular flowers. If Roses are “king”, and the diverse “prince” of flowers is the orchid, then chamomile flowers are a sort of workhorse in the “blooming” community.

While chamomile isn’t the most beautiful flower, having an appearance rather like a yellow daisy, it does have a fine aroma much like an apple, and it can easily be made into a tea that has a variety of uses for health and personal comfort. Many enjoy a fine cup of chamomile prior bed. Chamomile is also quite popular in England, but not for its status as a flower.

The Tip Of The Floral Iceberg
Roses, orchids, and chamomile flowers are by no means all the flowers out there. Tulips, chrysanthemums, poinsettias, and buttercups—the list goes on ad infinitum. Still, the three flowers explored here are some of the most recognizable around the world. It’s no mystery why they’re sought, common, and transfer their bloom and perfume to many a room.

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