What are they and how do I start?

PLAY-to-earn games are growing in popularity thanks to their online rewards that have monetary value.

The rewards come in the form of blockchain technologies such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Axie Infinity is the most popular pay to play game.


Axie Infinity is the most popular pay to play game.Photo credit: Getty

What are play to earn games?

Play-to-earn games are video games that use crypto to reward players with something that has value in both the real and virtual worlds.

These rewards are typically NFTs, cryptographically unique tokens that can be used to prove ownership of content such as music or images.

Here you can learn more about the complicated world of NFTs.

That NFT represents an item in the game, such as B. a virtual tool or weapon to be used as part of the game.

Once players have won them, they can either be exchanged for other assets within the game or sold for real money on an NFT marketplace.

Axe Infinity

The most popular play-to-earn game is Axe Infinitya monster fighting game that launched in 2018.

In the online strategy game, cartoon creatures called Axies represent NFTs.

In countries like the Philippines and Indonesia, people play Axie Infinity to support their families.


Splinterlands, a game in which players swap cards representing fighters and representing NFTs, has also proved to be a minor hit.

Players earn money through tournaments, leaderboards, and by completing quests.

The game uses Dark Energy Crystals as in-game currency and allows players to purchase items in the game shop.

strange worlds

In Alien Worlds, another popular play-to-earn game, NFT-backed assets include land, tools, weapons, and avatars.

There is more information on how to start the game here.


This decentralized 3D virtual reality platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

In it, players can explore and create virtual structures in a 3D virtual world.


Illuvium is a decentralized gaming studio that combines the worlds of cryptocurrency and gaming.

It’s an open-world RPG based on the Ethereum blockchain where you can mine, harvest, capture, and fight NFTs (non-fungible tokens) known in-game as “Illuvials”.

The sandbox

The Sandbox is a community-driven multiplayer game where players can build their own worlds and earn crypto.

The game consists of 166,464 plots available for purchase and features a world of user-generated landscapes, buildings, characters and objects.

More NFT games that attract many players

  • League of Kingdoms
  • gods unleashed
  • Zed Run
  • That rare
  • city ​​star

How can I make money playing play-to-earn games?

In order to make money playing play-to-earn games, you must sell the NFTs you earn on an NFT marketplace.

Some of these games, such as B. Axie Infinity, make the purchase of NFTs on an NFT marketplace a requirement to play the game.

The financial rewards depend to some extent on your gaming skills, but it’s also important to remember that making money from NFTs requires extreme caution.

Cryptocurrencies have proven to be extremely volatile.

In January 2022, Britain’s richest crypto trader lost $800 million (£591 million) on a day when the market crashed.

Those who invest in them are also vulnerable to fraud.

An example of a common NFT scam is the “rug pull,” when developers of an NFT project give up midway and disappear with the investors’ money.

Sudden hype around a project and a surge in coin prices may indicate a carpet move, while projects that lock up their pooled liquidity for a set period of time tend to be safer.

How to get started playing play-to-earn games

Before you start playing, you need to understand the above and the risks that play to earn games entail.

Once you fully understand this, you can start finding the game that’s right for you.

First decide why you want to play such a game.

Is it for NFTs, for coins or for both?

Before you start playing any game, make sure you understand how you are going to make money.

In order to turn NFTs into cash, you need to sell them, which can be quite difficult.

On the other hand, coins are easier to convert.

These “virtual coins” or money are converted into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Some games don’t require you to pay any money to get started, but you will find that you do need to pay some to use premium features or play-to-earn aspects.

It is safe to invest what you can afford.

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If you are just starting out and are still getting used to the cryptocurrency phenomenon, it is best to start with a small investment rather than risk losing a lot of money.

Remember that with cryptocurrency there is no guarantee that you will make your money back.

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