What are we made of? (Freya Edwards, Christ’s Hospital)

Many people know that humans are made up of microscopic cells. These cells contain DNA arranged in a double helix formation that looks like a spiral and carries genetic information. Even the average adult is about 50-65% water, and we only have to look in the mirror to remind ourselves that we are made of eyes, hair, teeth, bones and blood. But where do all these things come from?

A shocking truth is that humans are actually made of stardust. While that makes us sound like magical creatures – possibly that we can hide hidden powers and maybe even glow in the dark – we’re not the only ones made out of the remains of stars. Everything that lives on planet Earth, and even Earth itself, is made of stardust.

Because when the Big Bang happened billions and billions of years ago, the only things that existed were the lightest elements on the periodic table — mostly hydrogen and helium, which formed the first stars.

These first stars burned off their energy supply of hydrogen and helium, producing some elements that were slightly heavier than hydrogen and helium. When they went supernova at the end of their “life”, these elements were released into the rest of the universe.

This gave way to the next generation of stars, and then generations after. Each generation created heavier and heavier elements, and eventually almost the entire periodic table. These elements (like calcium and carbon and nitrogen and dozens more) are everywhere in life today – on the planet, in our food and even in us as humans. We are made of the remains of stars.

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