What does the ‘positive grandparent hypothesis’ tell us about good old age

Early humans had to move around frequently in search of food, thought, and those who moved the most and found the most food had the best chance of survival. Over and over, this process leads to a selection of genes optimized by abundant physical activity. Likewise, physical activity appears to kick-start various cellular processes controlled by genes that promote health. In this way, evolution favors the most active tribal inhabitants, who tend to live the longest and are then able to help the grandchildren, promoting the existence of more active families.

In other words, exercise is good for us, they point out in their new paper, because long ago, the youngest and most vulnerable need grandparents, and grandparents need to. vivacious and active to help nurture the grandchildren.

Crucially, the new Active Grandparents report also delves into what it is about physical activity that makes it so essential to healthy aging today. Dr. Lieberman and co-authors write that, moving around expends energy that can be stored as fat which, in excess, can contribute to diseases of modern life, such as type 2 diabetes.

Activity also produces a variety of effects that strengthen us. “Exercise is a type of stress,” Dr. Lieberman told me. It slightly tears muscles and stretches blood vessels and organs. In response, a scientific study of exercise shows that our bodies activate a variety of cellular mechanisms that help fix tears and deformities, and in most cases, build up. affected parts. “It’s like you spill coffee on the floor, clean it up, and your floor becomes cleaner than it was,” says Dr. Lieberman. Then, without exercise and the accompanying repairs, the aging human body becomes less efficient, he continued. We broke down. We cannot care for the nieces.

Essentially, Dr. Lieberman said, the lack of exercise during aging explains why there is a difference between human lifespan – the number of years we live – and health life – how many years in the future. some of us are still in good health.

“They used to be the same,” Dr. Lieberman said. A human being inactive early will not be healthy and may die prematurely. Today, many of us can stay inactive and survive into old age, but chances are we wouldn’t be completely healthy if we did. Dr. Lieberman says that our genetics and genetic history as humans require exercise and movement. “Retirement is not the time to slow down.”

The idea that we can, should, and even must remain active as we age, thanks to human evolution, is at the heart of the Dynamic Grandparent Hypothesis. However, this hypothesis is only a theory and is hardly testable.

https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/02/well/move/aging-exercise-grandparents.html What does the ‘positive grandparent hypothesis’ tell us about good old age

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