What happens when someone gives birth on the plane – and does the baby get free flights?

A flight expert has explained exactly what happens when someone goes into labor on a plane – including whether the newborn will get free flights for life

Tired pregnant woman waiting for flight in airport lounge with her partner
It’s not common for babies to be born mid-flight – but it does happen (stock photo)

Have you ever wondered what happens when a passenger on an airplane gives birth to a child?

It’s not often that someone goes into labor mid-flight, thanks in part to airlines’ strict rules and restrictions, which say pregnant women cannot cross the 36-week mark.

But that doesn’t mean it never happens.

In fact, as recently as January this year, a mother named GG gave birth to a baby boy prematurely on a United Airlines flight from Ghana to the United States.

United Airlines said in a statement CNN Travel then: “Our crew was amazing.

You should consult your midwife or doctor before flying while pregnant (stock photo)


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“They acted quickly, assisted the medical professionals on board and made sure everyone stayed safe throughout the flight. And we were particularly thrilled to see the plane land with an additional, particularly beautiful customer on board.”

So what exactly is the procedure when someone goes into labor mid-flight? And is it true that babies born in heaven are entitled to free flights for life?

According to flight attendant and author James Wysong, cabin crew are not trained to deliver babies, and there is no set procedure for crew to assist in the delivery of a baby if someone goes into labor on a flight.

Yes, Jacob said Yahoo that the attendant’s main job is to alert the captain and “summon a doctor” if there is one on board.

Personnel on board the flight will then decide if an emergency landing is required.

What nationality is a baby born mid-flight?

This can indeed be difficult to determine, but the International Convention to Reduce Statelessness means that an infant is assigned a nationality at birth.

Normally, the baby is “assigned the nationality of the airspace the airline is currently in,” according to an expert from Air Passenger Rights Specialists EUclaim reports.

They added: “For example, babies born in US airspace receive American citizenship. If the country does not allow it, the baby will be given the nationality of the parents or the nationality of the country where the airline is registered.”

Do babies born on a plane get free flights for life?

Unfortunately, this seems to be an urban legend.

While there have been a few instances where an airline has granted free flights to their special new arrivals, this is by no means a common occurrence and the newborn is not entitled to it.

However, there have also been cases when airlines gave the newborn and his parents a free trip to their favorite city or even named a plane after the unexpected arrival.

Is It Safe To Fly During Pregnancy?

Corresponding the NHSFlying while pregnant is not harmful to you or your baby, but you should discuss any problems or pregnancy complications with your midwife or doctor before flying.

Of course, the chances of going into labor prematurely are higher after 37 weeks or 32 weeks if you are carrying twins, so some airlines will not allow you to fly beyond that date.

The NHS also explains: “After the 28th week of pregnancy, the airline may request a letter from your doctor or midwife confirming your due date and that you are not at risk of any complications.

“Long-distance travel (more than 4 hours) carries a low risk of blood clots. When you fly, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly—about every 30 minutes. You can buy a pair of graduated compression or support stockings from the pharmacy that will help reduce leg swelling.”

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