What is a paragraph: paragraph writing guide

When we think about writing, any piece of writing – essays, articles, novels…- can be broken down into small units. These units are called paragraphs. Thus, if you want to be a good writer, you should master paragraph writing. If you are a student of languages and you want to excel in your studies, use Essay Assistant help because mastering paragraph writing is a must. Most of what is read and written at the university consist of paragraphs.

What is a paragraph? 

A paragraph is a group of related sentences about one central idea. This one idea is developed and explained throughout the paragraph. 

A paragraph has three main parts, and they appear in this order: 

  1. topic sentence: it tells the general idea/topic of the paragraph. Usually, it is the first sentence in the paragraph;
  2. supporting sentences: they explain, develop, and illustrate the main idea given in the topic sentence;
  3. concluding sentence: it summarizes the data and information presented in the supporting part of the paragraph, restates the topic sentence in different words, or comments on the main idea. 

Sample 1: Why do people learn English? 

People learn English for several reasons. To begin with, English is a worldwide language. That is to say, being able to speak makes communication easier between the nations of the world; it is a bridge that people use to build strong relationships with each other. Besides being an international language, English is also the language of science and technology. In other words, most of the scientific books and researches are written in English. Moreover, it has become the language of World trade and businesses, which means that the better one’s English is, the more chances his business has to grow. Taking all the above reasons into account, it can be concluded that illiteracy is no longer the disability to read and write, but rather the disability to speak English.

Sample 2: The causes of immigration 

The rate of immigration is increasing year after year due to several reasons. To start with, many people decide to immigrate because of poverty. Their main aim is to find a job that is good enough to lead a decent life and change their financial situation. Moreover, bad working and living conditions are also amongst the major causes that force several citizens to leave their homelands. This is especially true in developing and underdeveloped countries, as the citizens suffer from long working hours, low salaries, high prices in food, water, medicines, and other basic needs. Besides poverty and bad working and living conditions, some people immigrate for educational purposes. Low-quality education makes many students opt to study abroad where they can get a good education, which qualifies them to get well-paid jobs. With the above in mind, it is clear that the causes of immigration are many; therefore, the governments should work harder to provide their citizens with everything that they need so that they do not have to immigration at all.

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