What is hypermilling? Expert explains how motorists could save £600

Hypermiling, a driving style that helps your vehicle use fuel more efficiently, could be a great way to reduce driving costs amid the rising cost of living

Learn how to drive as economically as possible
Learn how to drive as economically as possible

With petrol prices soaring in the UL, motorists are encouraged to use this one clever trick to save up to a whopping £600 a year on their fuel.

It’s no secret that the cost of so many things in life is skyrocketing, and driving is no exception.

Oil and fuel prices have risen by around a quarter since the beginning of 2022, according to the Office for National Statistics.

A vague effort to offset the price hikes was made by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in his spring statement, weakly knocking down 5 pence a liter.

However, such efforts will only serve to save around £2 of a 40 liter tank which will cost over £60 in total to fill.

With this doing little to help impoverished Brits get where they need to go, it’s wise that people take cost-cutting into their own hands by driving more fuel-efficiently.

What is hypermilling?

It’s important to go with the flow of traffic and not get carried away by overtaking


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Guinness World Record holder Kevin Brooker is one of the UK’s most successful hypermilers. He regularly competes in miles-per-gallon marathons and has won trophies for it.

He has a long commute – he lives in Swansea, works for the National Parks in Brecon and has to drive 70 miles every time he goes there.

Speaking to the Guardian, he said: “It was almost a way of playing it to get the fuel that I used to keep going.

“I learned the techniques to get the most out of this gal.

“The bonus was that I saved money. I could save up to £50 over a month without really increasing my travel time.”

He explained: “Most cars now have a range meter that tells you how many miles you have left.

“You find yourself trying to go further than the car thinks it can go on the fuel you have.”

Brooker has now urged other drivers to also look into Hypermiling to help them save hundreds.

The key aspect of the trick is to avoid hard acceleration or braking – braking in conventional petrol cars is inherently a waste of fuel as the energy generated is drained prematurely.

However, hybrid cars are much smarter as around 70% of the energy from the brakes is reused and sent back to the battery.

A great trick to getting hypermiling just right is to keep an eye on the flow of traffic in front of you.

Kevin said: “When you’re on the road, watch out for traffic lights and roundabouts so you keep moving.

“If there’s a green light some distance away, by the time you get to it, there’s a good chance it’s going to be red.

Gasoline and diesel fuel prices have skyrocketed


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“It’s all about the pace, so you get there when it’s green. At roundabouts, drive in instead of stopping.”

It is also advisable to drive as slowly as possible. This is a cheaper way to drive and ensures you’re in as high a gear as possible without straining the engine.

Make sure to shift your engine up a gear earlier than usual to avoid going into high revs for too long.

On busy roads like highways, just follow the flow of traffic and don’t worry too much about overtaking people.

All these things should not affect your travel time too much.

It also helps to maintain your vehicle as well as possible with properly inflated tires – it often pays off in the long run to buy better quality tyres.

It’s also a wise call to make your car light by removing the junk you don’t need and downsizing your car entirely, if possible.

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