What is red diesel and can I be fined for it?

WITH a lower tax rate and reduced price, that sounds like the holy grail of gasoline.

But what is red diesel and can you drive it on the road? Here’s everything you need to know…

Red diesel is inexpensive and taxed at a reduced rate.


Red diesel is inexpensive and taxed at a reduced rate.Credit: Alamy

What is red diesel?

Red diesel is the term for gas oil intended for uses other than diesel fuel in road vehicles.

It costs less and is taxed at a reduced rate.

It got its name because since 1961 it has been required to be marked with both a red dye and chemical markers

This makes it easily identifiable to prevent its use in cars.

You don’t need a license to buy red diesel, but you do have to sign a form when you buy it.

What is red diesel used for?

Red diesel is often used to operate with registration off-road vehicles and machines.

It can power any type of diesel engine.

It can also be used to heat homes, but it is not as efficient as industrial heating oil.

Can I be fined for using it?

Yes, you can be fined for using red diesel in a vehicle on a public road as it is considered fuel tax evasion.

Farmers are exempt from this. You can travel up to 1.5km on red diesel in a car to access public land Highway.

There is no fixed fine but if you find you are using it illegally HMRC will charge you to restore your vehicle’s system to clean your tank and filters and remove the marking dye.

You will be charged a fee for the removal.

Your car can be arrested.

You can even be charged the difference in cost between red diesel and diesel road diesel about the time you have used it.

Why is red diesel illegal?

Red diesel is illegal because it is lower fuel obligation attached – but is not intended for use on public roads.

Therefore, using red diesel on public roads is considered tax evasion, meaning it is illegal.

Which gas stations are closed and where can I fill up? What is red diesel and can I be fined for it?

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