What is Wim Hof’s breathing technique?

Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, holds 26 world records, including the longest ice bath.

court says he is able to achieve these superhuman records using his Wim Hof ​​method, which combines breathing exercises, exposure to cold, and meditation.

The Wim Hof ​​Method consists of three pillars: breathing, cold therapy and surrender


The Wim Hof ​​Method consists of three pillars: breathing, cold therapy and surrender

What is the Wim Hof ​​method?

The Wim Hof ​​Method is a way of reconnecting people with nature, themselves and others.

It aims to help an individual find his or her inner power through self-inquiry and some scientific methods.

It is based on three strong pillars: breathing, cold therapy and commitment.

Hof has developed a breathing technique to help people find more contact with nature and find the power within themselves.

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It defines how people breathe every day and at all times, but are unaware of the potential of a simple thing like breathing.

Hof’s breathing technique gives an individual more energy, reduces stress and also strengthens the body’s immune system.

Cold therapy can be more beneficial than you think.

Exposure to cold temperatures can help shed fat, boost the immune system, balance hormone levels, improve sleep quality, and create more endorphins.

Endorphins are feel-good chemicals made in the brain that help influence mood.

The final pillar is engagement.

To fully master the breathing technique and the power of being exposed to such cold temperatures takes will and commitment.

The focus and determination that can be put into mastering such techniques can lead a person to master their body and mind as well.

How does the breathing technique work?

The breathing technique is a simple one that takes place in four steps.

It is recommended to perform the technique as soon as you wake up or before a meal, while your stomach is still empty.

Do not practice while driving or in the water.

court warns that in rare cases the technique can cause unconsciousness, so practice sitting or lying on a bed to be safe.

How to perform the breathing technique:

1. Find a comfortable position

Find a comfortable position, e.g. B. a meditation pose where you can freely expand your lungs.

You can sit or lie down to do this breathing exercise.

2. Take 30 to 40 deep breaths

Clear your mind of everything and close your eyes to focus only on your breath.

Breathe in deeply through your nose or mouth and breathe out freely through your mouth.

Then breathe in through your stomach, then your chest, and then let go with ease.

Repeat the exercise 30 to 40 times with deep breaths.

Don’t worry if you feel light-headed or tingling in your fingers and feet.

These are completely normal and harmless side effects.

3. Hold

After the last exhale, breathe in as deeply as you can.

Deflate and stop breathing.

Hold your breath for as long as you can, but don’t force yourself to hold it for far too long.

When you feel the urge to breathe, let go.

4. Recovery Breath

When you start breathing again, take a big breath to fill your lungs.

You’ll feel your chest and abdomen expand, and when you feel you’ve reached full capacity, hold your breath for 15 seconds, then release.

You can repeat the entire exercise three to four times.

When you’re done, don’t rush to get your day started.

You will be in a very calm state and you should not shock your body by rushing into a busy day.

Who is Wim Hof?

Hof is also known as the Iceman because of his resilience to cold temperatures.

The Dutchman was born in Sittard, Limburg and has eight siblings.

He is now appearing on a BBC show called Freeze The Fear.

He co-hosts it with Holly Willoughby and Lee Mack.

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The show invites Celebrities to take a series of tests that challenge your mental toughness, with Wim Hof ​​conducting them.

He holds 26 world records, including the longest ice bath, which he has broken repeatedly.

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