What jobs do Americans want? Popular job searches include real estate, healthcare and pilot jobs

By now, you must have heard of the Big Resignation, which refers to record numbers of people who quit their jobs during the pandemic. That trend has recently been called Great reform to better illustrate how, in addition to leaving the workforce altogether, many Americans are simply moving into other jobs. But exactly what jobs and careers they are pursuing is difficult to determine.

The key to figuring out how the workforce is changing may lie in Google’s search data. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks which industries are adding jobs, the agency does not specify whether people are moving into those fields or simply switching jobs in those areas.

But new data from Google Trends, which looks at changes in what people are searching for online, provides a believable snapshot of where some career switchers may be headed. The list of jobs with the most “how to be” searches in 2021 serves as a recap of some of the pandemic trends, including home buying, travel (or lack thereof), and much-needed focus. into mental health. Many of the jobs on the list pay relatively well, allowing people to be their own bosses and help others.

The most searched ‘how to’ job on Google in 2021

  1. real estate agent
  2. flight attendant
  3. notary
  4. therapist
  5. Pilot
  6. fireman
  7. personal trainer
  8. psycho doctor
  9. physical therapist
  10. electrician

The top 10 search list above looks a bit different from the one in the three years before the pandemic.

Back then, it included jobs like models, Uber drivers, pharmacists, lawyers, actors, and nurses. Personal trainers, physical therapists, psychiatrists, and real estate agents (although people are more likely to search for “brokers” in the past) were on the list before the pandemic and last year. , but their continued presence after so many transitions shows they still have power. Searches for “how to be” flight attendants, pilots, notaries and therapists hit their highest rates ever in 2021. Searches for how to become an estate agent Production reached its highest level this January.

Adam Ozimek, chief economist for freelance platform Upwork, told Recode: “Search interest does not necessarily represent serious work interest. “However, in some of these cases, at least, there is a compelling argument for why it is.”

Lots of trending jobs make sense for a career change, as many offer a lot of profit for you – i.e. money spent on training time. Barriers to entry for jobs such as real estate agents, flight attendants or notaries are relatively low, compared with those that require specific four-year degrees. Real estate and electrician programs are also among the trending searches for job training on Google.

Connect interest in jobs like real estate agents, notaries and electricians with rush to buy a house during the pandemic. The dire demand drives housing prices up and causes people like real estate agents (to help you find that home), notaries (to help with the paperwork for that home), and electricians (to help you find that home). fix that house) is in high demand. and can therefore pay high accuracy.

In other words, real estate employment trends seem closely linked to reality.

“Number of people who received a brokerage license and join broker association Julia Pollak, chief economist at job site ZipRecruiter, said. It was “a reflection of a white-hot housing market and massive resignations, people quitting their jobs and starting their own businesses.”

These jobs also allow people to have flexible hours and abilities become their own bossboth highly sought-after qualities for those who have had time through the pandemic to rethink how they want to work.

The surge in interest in airline pilot and flight attendant jobs coincides with a return to travel and a bit of turmoil in the air travel industry.

Airlines there are not enough pilots or flight attendants to staff the recovering travel industry because many airlines offered early retirement packages to their crews at the start of the pandemic, when almost no one was flying. In addition, some budget service providers have arrived on the scene Since the beginning of the pandemic, the need for fleets has increased even more. Therefore, airlines invest in increased training and salary increase – both of these could appeal to someone who has a pandemic-related realization of their work and wants something new. It’s also important to note that pilot and flight attendant jobs are often unionized, which means they’re likely to have higher opportunities for advancement and salary stability than non-union jobs.

Interest in therapists and psychiatrists jobs reflects demand for services that has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Many Americans deal with increased psychological distress During the past two years, they have also been on long waiting lists for treatment, and service providers have Struggling to keep up with demand. These occupations obviously require a bit more training than some of the others on the list, but they provide important assistance to patients and implications for practitioners that may not be obvious. in other types of work.

There are also other data sources that suggest where job seekers – and quitters – might also be going. Compensation software company Payscale has released a reported at the end of last year shows the most attractive jobs in 2021 based on the growth rate of people researching their salaries. However, its list is topped by beauty consultants, data engineers, recruiters, and retail associates. Meanwhile, job platform Indeed has been tracking growth in job postings, and found that, at least for job availability, human resources, software development, production, loading and inventory are in highest demand. Obviously, a high number of jobs doesn’t mean people really want those jobs (it could mean the opposite).

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on lives and livelihoods. But it also gives many Americans the time, space or perspective they need to decide what they really want to do with their brief time on Earth. For some, that means they want to work remotely so they can spend more time with their kids and less time commuting to work. For others, it means deciding to set up their own business and become their own boss. For many people, that just means finding more meaning in their work. Whether the job they are looking for now achieves those goals remains to be seen. What jobs do Americans want? Popular job searches include real estate, healthcare and pilot jobs

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