What really happens when you flush the airplane toilet

The next time you need to use the toilet on an airplane, you may find that it doesn’t work like your standard home toilet.

Here’s everything you need to know about what happens when you flush the toilet during a flight.

What actually happens when you flush the toilet on an airplane?


What actually happens when you flush the toilet on an airplane?Photo credit: Getty – Contributor

Do planes drop poop in the air?

While most people think airplanes store poop during flight until landing, others might think it’s airdropped.

What actually happens is that the waste is sucked through a vacuum into a large collection tank on the plane and sucked out by ground crew upon landing.

However, Whitfield Councilor Geoff Paxton, who has worked on airports for 40 years, said so BBC It’s “very rare” for aircraft to leak feces in flight.

He said: “We used to have problems with blue ice [frozen human waste and disinfectant] on arrival but that was because these toilets used to leak.

Cllr Paxton added that lower pressure, say below 6,000ft, could cause something to come out.

In the case of trains, dumping poop onto the tracks in the UK was banned in 2017.

Can you get sucked into the toilet mid-flight?

Some horror stories tell of people getting sucked down the toilet on an airplane.

Luckily that’s not true – the vacuum on the airplane lavatory only works at the opening of the discharge pipe, and the lavatories are designed to prevent this. So no, you can’t.

Can I use the toilet before a flight departs?

While an airplane doesn’t have the same rules as trains when it comes to using the lavatory, the crew advise against using it before the plane has taken off.

That’s what flight attendant Caroline Mercedes said insider This toilet interrupts spark delays because it slows down the boarding process.

She said: “It’s not a wise idea to get up to go to the toilet as soon as you get on the plane or we take off.

“When boarding, there’s always a queue of people at the back, which slows down the process.”

Another flight attendant said it was okay to use the toilet when boarding, but you should never do so during the safety demonstration.

They said: “It’s okay to go to the toilet before the start. But if you see flight attendants conducting a safety demonstration, you should remain seated and wait for the seat belt sign to turn off.

“If passengers get up during the safety demonstration, we have to stop, wait and start again when everyone is back in their seats.”

Also, don't worry about getting sucked into the airplane toilet


Also, don’t worry about getting sucked into the airplane toiletPhoto credit: Getty

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