What will you play this weekend?

We all look forward to having a few days off. Some people more than others, especially if they have a hard job or a job they absolutely hate, fantasize about one day walking into the job and telling their boss to jump off the cliff. stone. I feel bad for those people.

But even for those of us who enjoy our jobs and have a great boss, well, it’s still nice to take weeks off from the day-to-day work to rest, recharge, and get things done. that we don’t have time for. working week.

Unfortunately, we are not all independently wealthy. If we, other than trying to help our fellow humans, go on a trip, or save the dogs, we might end up doing nothing but playing video games all day. It’s a shame that people have to work. Again, no matter how much you love your job, it would be great if you had a money tree in your backyard, or won the lottery, wouldn’t it? Oh good. We are very grateful to have such an enjoyable work and the funds to support our main hobby: playing games.

Speaking of games, this weekend we’re taking sweet characters to the afterlife, trying not to get bored by soccer, fighting hard bosses that cause rage, transforming into a variety of creatures different and try to catch them all.

Connor Makar, Screenwriter – King of Fighters 14, Dark Souls 3

This week, I’m still in my typical performance schedule of playing a bit King of Fighters 14. I find it relaxing to put on some music and learn some occasional combinations, so we’ll mark it as a self-care session.

Also, I was a bit hit by the Elden Ring hype, which I regret to report. I will come back Dark Souls 3 and messing around with a construction I haven’t tried yet. Who knows! Maybe it will affect what I played in the precious first playthrough of Elden Ring?

Finally, with all the recent news around Apex Legends season, I’ve re-adapted to that game a bit. It’s an ongoing process, though, so I’ll keep playing it this weekend from time to time.

Dom Peppiatt, Feature Editor – No one saves the world

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to roam the fantasy world as a horse? Just… make a horse? How about rolling around the grassy plains of a doom kingdom like an egg? In No one saves the world, you can do it. Thanks to some special spells and an incompetent special wizard, you can transform into any number of monstrous creatures, merge their powers, and use superhuman abilities to take down the monstrous creatures. Cursed object from a dark dimension. Beautiful!

I’ve given up alcohol for a month, gone on a brewery’s most hated fad diet during the dry January, and I’m eager to sink a few tins and play something silly with my mates me this weekend. No one who saves the world perfectly fits the ticket, and more – it’s on Game Pass! Meaning none of us have to spend a dime more than we’ll have this weekend.

So I apologize if my post was a bit messy on Monday; I can stay up late, drink beer and pretend to be an egg.

Dorani Williams, Video Producer – Pokemon Legends: Arceus

This weekend, like so many people, I’ll be playing Pokemon Legend: Arceus.

Every time a new Pokemon game comes out, people lose their minds with excitement, and I always feel left out because I never follow the Pokemon series like everyone else. But, I also want to be the best like never before! I loved cartoons growing up, but I grew up with it.

The most recent Pokemon game I played was Sword and Shield and got bored by the time I got to the third gym. I hope the new approach to the game’s overall design changes how I feel about the franchise going forward.

Let’s hope this isn’t £50 no regrets spent. I will update you all next week.

James Billcliffe, Instruction Editor – Spiritfarer

My eyes hurt. I’ve been playing too many RPGs in too many hours, so to ease my angry veins, I’ll give the really time-consuming things a break and put my controller on for the weekend.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any games in the house, as I’ll watch my better half play sweet and sad. Spiritfarer, a game where you make friends with the creatures of the story while taking them to the afterlife.

The hand-drawn wonders of Thunder Lotus Games have been on my radar for a long time, but I’ve never gotten into the super-difficult, self-paced boss-rush-style exercises like their first game, Jotun .

Spiritfarer couldn’t be further from there. You run your ship almost like a hotel, collecting upgrades and rearranging rooms as you feed and cater to the whims of your guests on their final voyage.

It’s another great indie video game to check out, and a great change of pace from the geek and the guns, it’s easy to get into.

I have so much to do this weekend, I might not find the time to play something that’s a bit of a stretch, like last weekend with Skyrim. First, I’ll be having a Zoom meeting with my bridesmaids this weekend to discuss dresses, shoes, flowers, and what bridesmaids do. I will probably also drink a lot of alcohol during the call, as it will be a kind of “visit” with my friends, if you can call it that, really. Also, I have family things to do that I’ve been putting off for a long time now, and I’m starting to feel pretty disgusted with myself for it.

I feel like playing a little bit Two Point Hospital this weekend, and I’m sure I’ll get it done. The Release date announcement for Two Point Facility got me thinking about revisiting the game, so I figured I’d fire it up on Sunday night or something. I can definitely chuckle.

Anyway, I couldn’t do much other than do the things that an adult should have cared about many years ago. You see, my intention is to start playing Dying Light again to get used to the old stuff Dying Light 2 is out on February 4th. This means he’ll be hugging the bigger TV, so I won’t be able to watch what I want in the living room, and there’s so much crap piling up on the drawers in the bedroom that the TV actually doesn’t work. economy has been blocked. . Maybe that should be one of the things I’m up to this weekend.

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief – Premier League Transfer Mechanism

It’s the best time of the year: January transfer window in football (soccer) land. It’s an especially great time to be a Tottenham fan, as you spend weeks cheering on rumored signings, only for Liverpool or Barcelona to have summed up the players reported on last moment, leaving you with less exciting news that the club has bought someone from a non-league club.

So yeah, that’s what I did in my free time and probably will all weekend: read forums full of gossip, only to have those dreams come crashing down on Monday night. If you support a better club, such as Liverpool or Manchester City, you will never know what it feels like to live forever on the left of hope.


What are your plans for the weekend? Are you planning to play any games, buy lottery tickets or is there anything else you plan to participate in? Let us know! We are really curious.

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