What will you play this weekend?

The weekend is here, and it’s a big day because the Elden Ring is gone.

We think many of you will be playing it this weekend, and while we’ll be playing other things as well, we’ll also be wandering around the Lands Between on our trusty steed.

Beyond the Elden Ring, some of us will be exploring a futuristic city, venturing into the Throne World region, and trying to decide between Silver and Gold.

Here’s what we’ll be playing this weekend.

Connor Makar, Screenwriter – Destiny 2, Lost Ark

This week, I will dive into Fate 2 Try to find everything that is hidden with the new Throne World area. On top of that, there’s a bunch of new activities to engage in and a higher light limit to aim for. As such, that’s pretty much all I’ve been through.

That being said, Lost beer keg daily newspaper and weekly newspaper to do. I’m going back to that game over the weekend to continue my journey to tier 3 content. I’ll make it soon? Or will I be distracted hunting for Mokoko beads? Only time will tell!

James Billcliffe, Tutorial Editor – Cyberpunk 2077

What is this? Uncommon thing is really good?

While others are tinkering with what could be GOTY 2022, I’m in for a game I’ve played 4 times – just this time on Xbox Series S.

In my room, Cyberpunk 2077 really has always worked for me, and given the troubles at launch (and 18 months after launch), I’m amazed at how well things are going on consoles.

So it looks like I’ll be playing all the same quests again – hopefully Night City is still Night City, and Keanu still engaging.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor – Pokemon Go

I won’t be playing Elden Ring this weekend as I’m waiting for additional patches to be released for PC before diving into it. Plus, I’ll be too busy playing Pokemon Go.

This weekend is GO Tour: Johto and Saturday will be a busy day. It all started at 9am and lasted until 9pm locally, and to be honest, I don’t know if it’s hung that long. I still have the stamina of an 80-year-old woman.

For this event, you’ll need to choose between the Gold Edition or the Silver Edition of Pokemon Johto, and I’ll pick Gold – mainly because I need more Chikorita and Mantine candies. There will be several catch quests for each version, and to obtain each Pokemon you will need to trade with other players. Luckily, my mom and stepdad are obsessed with the game, so they’ll tag me in on Saturday and we can make some deals.

Plus there will be Apex versions of Shadow Ho-Oh and Lugia and I really want to add them to my collection along with the Raikou, Entei and Suicune cats that will appear in five star raids . Good luck catching them all!

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief – Elden Ring main menu and deal screen

I will play Elden Ring, I thought to myself. One game I actually paid for instead of getting it for free like all the other freelance game journalists (I’m joking, of course – the last game I bought before Elden Ring was Resident Evil 7 !Tap to get the game when it’s needed for the Job). I don’t play Elden Ring.

What I ended up doing was figuring out how to navigate the screen and deal menus (you have to use the d-pad, not the left analog stick like every other game in modern history allows you to use ), then was told that I failed the network test. Yes, that’s it. I’ve done. Another FromSoftware game went down the toilet, this time before I even played it.


So that’s about it. How about you? Did you pick up the Elden Ring? If not, are you planning to pick it up over the weekend? We would love to know. What will you play this weekend?

Fry Electronics Team

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