What would trigger Nato’s involvement in the Ukraine war?

Russia’s air strikes on a Ukrainian military base some 12 kilometers from the Polish border have raised warnings that NATO will respond with force to any aggression in a member state. .

The attack on the Yavoriv base killed 35 people and injured 134, with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan claiming “that any fire, even random, over a country NATO’s neighbors will Activate full force Nato reaction“, Guardians reported.

The UK described the strikes as a “significant escalation” in the conflict. The newspaper added that the base had long been “suspected by Russia”, and state media claimed “falsely that in the past the base was a secret NATO base in Ukraine”. .

‘Aid station’

The Ukrainian base, located between the border with Poland and the city of Lviv, is used by “Western volunteers” at the time of the Russian attack, according to Time’ Middle East correspondent Richard Spencer.

He said that “a volley of rockets” that landed near the Center for International Peace and Security were heard “miles away”, “shaking windows and lighting up the sky before dawn”. Spencer added that the decision to strike a site used by volunteers saw “the war in Ukraine move to the borders of the European Union and NATO”.

Simon Shuster, a Time magazine reporter who lived near the site of the airstrikes, tweeted that Russia “must assume that Americans are likely to be killed or wounded” in the attack. A coordinator based at the site told him “the base is the hub for thousands of” volunteers “who come from all over to help Ukraine”.

When The Times’ Spencer visited the site a week ago, he said it was “used as a navigational station for all kinds of aid, including food.” Lviv, the nearest major city, has also become “a gathering point for migrants from across the country, and hundreds of thousands of people have passed through on their way to Western Europe”.

According to The Guardian, “there has been speculation” in the Russian media that “this area has been used to receive arms shipments to the Ukrainian army and is a place to train a large number of volunteers. Foreigners flock to the country”.

The Times added that “in peacetime, the base is used by the Ukrainian military and Western trainers under a NATO plan to improve the military’s capabilities.” After the attack, the coalition reiterated that there were “no military personnel from the member states” in Ukraine.

The conflict escalated

The attack on the base “supposedly at the westernmost point made by Russia in 18 days of fighting”, reported The Guardian, and came just 24 hours after Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned that Western aid shipments to Ukraine were “legitimate targets”.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a speech shortly after the attack that it was “only a matter of time” before Russian air attacks hit the homes of people living in member states. NATO unless a no-fly zone is enforced over Ukraine.

“Nothing happened there that could threaten the territory of the Russian Federation,” he said of the base attack. “And just 20 kilometers away is the Nato border. Last year, I explicitly warned NATO leaders that without tough deterrence sanctions against Russia, it would break out into war. We were right.

“If you don’t close our skies, it’s only a matter of time before Russian missiles fall on your territory, Nato territory. On the homes of citizens of Nato countries. ”

Western leaders have repeatedly ruled out the possibility of NATO enforcing a no-fly zone, arguing that it could require member states to engage militarily with Russia, a move they argue. could cause a global war.

Given the warning of US National Security Adviser Sullivan, UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid this morning told Sky News: “If there was an attack on any Nato country, even a single tip of Russian soldiers entering Nato territory, it would be a war with Nato and Nato would respond.

“There will be a significant response from Nato if there is any form of attack from Russia, we have been very, very clear about that.”

Balancing action

Ukrainian authorities have denied Russia’s accusations that the 35 people killed in the attack included “members of an internationally recruited ‘foreign legion’ consisting of British, American and Western volunteers. Other West,” The Times reported. Moscow has claimed, without evidence, that the attack killed 180 “foreign mercenaries”.

But the “attack too close to a Nato member state” “raised the possibility that the alliance could be drawn into war”, Related press speak. The attack “was heavily symbolic in a conflict that revived old Cold War rivals and threatened to rewrite the current global security order”.

The news agency added: “The site is a powerful symbol of Russia’s longstanding concerns about expansion in recent years. Western military alliance of 30 members including countries belonging to the former Soviet Union that threaten its security – something Nato denies. “

Russia’s attack on a target near the border of the military alliance sent a “clear message” to NATO leaders, Financial Times speak. If “Putin does not feel it is clear enough that NATO’s continued support for Kyiv risks making it a fighter in the war in Ukraine”, the attack near Poland “makes a threat to Ukraine”. brutally direct”.

For member states’ military officials, the strike was “the latest in a growing list of provocative steps taken against NATO by Moscow, from nuclear readiness to nuclear readiness.” chemical weapons accusations”, the newspaper added.

“It highlights that the US-led military alliance faces an increasingly difficult task of avoiding conflict with Moscow while encouraging its members to support Ukraine as much as possible.” What would trigger Nato’s involvement in the Ukraine war?

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