“What’s up?” “Hard to be positive at this point”

Things are getting out of control for the Philadelphia Phillies. They were defeated 13-0 by the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday. The loss lowers their record to 5-10.

The Phillies couldn’t figure out Graham Ashcraft, who was on the hill for the Reds. Ashcraft went six innings and ruled out the Phillies’ offense.

FINALS: Reds 13, Phillies 0

The Phillies managed just five goals in Saturday’s loss. Hitters two through five all had donut days on their plates. As a team they went 0-6 with runners in goal position.

Edmundo Sosa was the only bright spot on a rather dark day for the Phillies. He was the only player with multiple hits in their shutout loss. Trea Turner, Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos went 0-10 together.

“What’s up?” A fan tweeted.

“It’s hard to be positive at this point but if they beat the Reds tomorrow they will win the season series 4-3. That’s all I have,” tweeted another fan.

@Phillies It’s hard to be positive at this point but if they beat the Reds tomorrow they win the season series 4-3 😂😂😂. That’s all I have.

@Phillies This team is a complete embarrassment for baseball right now. They can’t bat with RISP, can’t pitch, management is terrible and they have 9 baserun errors in 15 games. They are absolute master classes in getting everything wrong. Doesn’t feel early anymore, they’re just bad

@Phillies Destroyed again by no name. Management doesn’t want to set up a competitive team

Philadelphia Phillies fans are devastated by how their team started the season. Many had high expectations for the team after signing all-star shortstop Trea Turner during the offseason.

@Phillies I don’t care if there are a few injuries. This squad should beat teams like the Reds. Find out before all of last year’s goodwill is wiped away.

@Phillies Was looking forward to this season, so much for now.

Fans are begging the team to turn it around and do it soon. If they don’t, they may dig a hole too big to climb out.

Can the Philadelphia Phillies turn that around?

Miami Marlins vs Philadelphia Phillies
Miami Marlins vs Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies can’t afford to continue down the path they’ve just embarked on. The Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets started the season relatively well. If Philadelphia doesn’t turn it around soon, they could be left in the dust.

One of the reasons for the Phillies’ slow start to the season was injuries. They’ve been missing their superstar Bryce Harper since he had surgery on Tommy John during the offseason. Philadelphia is also missing another key hitter from their lineup, Rhys Hoskins, who has an ACL injury and is out for the year.

Fortunately, Harper can return to the team. His original schedule was after the All-Star break, but he’s been hitting in the cages before games lately. All he has to do is get cleared to slide and he’ll be back in the lineup.

Given how much of a competitor Harper is, you can expect him to keep pushing and trying to get back to the team before the All-Star break. The Phillies could really use his leadership right now.

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