Wheel Of Fortune fans complain that this $100,000 puzzle is too unclear


Wheel of Fortune viewers complained that the answer to a riddle didn’t appear frequently enough on Thursday’s episode — and cost one contestant a pretty penny.

The category was “Phrase” and Cesar Redaja only had 10 seconds to answer these blanks:

Redaja didn’t even venture a full guess when the buzzer sounded.

The answer? “That was a crucial factor.”

“It was a difficult task,” admitted moderator Pat Sajak. Redaja’s mouth dropped open as he caught a glimpse of the bonus prize he would have won: $100,000.

“Yes, I know,” said Sajak.

The contestant still walked away with $26,398.

Outraged viewers online said the ambiguity of the sentence was a key factor in Redaja not winning the extra money.

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