When asked if he would become Trump’s vice president, Chris Christie has given the most scathing, Pence-themed answer


Chris Christie was blunt on Tuesday when asked if he would become Donald Trump’s vice president.

“Would you be his vice president if he asked you?” Newsmax’s Eric Bolling asked the former New Jersey governor and Republican presidential nominee for 2024, who was an early supporter of Trump but is now one of his harshest critics.

“No,” Christie replied.

He then added, “I spoke to Mike Pence, the job doesn’t sound like a particularly great one.”

The joke made Bolling laugh.

When Bolling later criticized former Vice President Mike Pence, Christie recalled the Jan. 6 riot, when Trump supporters accused Pence of not going along with Trump’s plan to overturn the 2020 election result.

“We shouldn’t have people on Capitol Hill shouting ‘Hang Mike Pence,'” Christie said.

“No question,” said Bolling.

Christie praised Pence’s “four years of service to Donald Trump” before slamming Trump again for saying he was “okay” with the threats against his former vice president.

“Is that the kind of president we want, Eric?” he asked.

Trump is currently front runner in the Republican sector, the poll is around 53%. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is around 20%. Christie is in seventh place with 2.6%.

DeSantis last week dismissed the hypothetical idea of ​​becoming Trump’s vice president. “I do not believe that. I’m not a guy #2,” he claimed.

Watch the interview here:

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