When did dinosaurs become extinct?

Growing up we were always told how different types of dinosaurs once roamed the world and this is evidenced by fossil bones and teeth that archaeologists have found.

Learn more about when and how the dinosaurs became extinct.

When did dinosaurs become extinct?

Fossil bones, teeth and tracks have revealed that Earth was home to dinosaurs for at least 230 million years.

Dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago, and they weren’t the only ones who went extinct.

Three-fourths of life on Earth had been wiped out, and the diversity among the remaining life forms had drastically decreased.

Some marine reptiles such as mosasaurs, ichthyosaurs, and plesiosaurs, as well as flying reptiles known as pterosaurs, all disappeared in the massive destruction that hit Earth.

Two theories claim how dinosaurs became extinct - by a meteor or by volcanic eruptions


Two theories claim how dinosaurs became extinct – by a meteor or by volcanic eruptionsPhoto credit: AFP

How did dinosaurs die?

There are many theories as to how dinosaurs might have died and here we give you two of them.

The Alvarez Hypothesis

This hypothesis was named after father and son Luis and Walter Alvarez, who were branch scientists.

In 1980, they theorized that a mountain-sized meteor struck Earth and caused tremendous climate change as it filled the air with gas, dust and debris.

This is because many rocks that contain dinosaur fossils also typically have high levels of the metal iridium, which is rare in the Earth’s crust but often found in stony meteorites.

Their theory gained more credibility when they found a giant crater off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Called Chicxulub Crater, it’s 93 miles wide and the same age as the dinosaur.

lava flows

Other scientists claim that it may have been Earth itself that killed dinosaurs.

Some claim that there has been a huge lava flow on Earth, notably the Deccan Traps event in India, which is as old as the dinosaur extinction period.

This was a lava eruption believed to have lasted a million years.

This theory is supported by evidence that the Earth’s temperature is constantly changing and by the fact that volcanic eruptions on Earth are more common than meteorite impacts.

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