When Russian citizens are thrown into the line of fire, Moscow’s elite will not last long

Russia, which is the size of the entire South American continent and has a third of that continent’s population, is looking for more land.

The ruling elite’s method of grabbing land is to sacrifice Ukrainian and Russian people, rather than simply shutting off fuel supplies to both Ukraine and Europe and waiting for the penny to drop. They obviously prefer money to human life.

Unfortunately for Russia, the ruling elite has set the country on a path of dissolution. The sacrifice of Siberian and rural East Russians to the well-connected citizens of Moscow and St. Petersburg will provoke a revolution from within. This time, the elite will find no security in the West.

Eugene Tannam

Firehouse, Dublin 24

Bogus vote is the latest in a long line of appalling acts by Vladimir Putin

The current sham referendums in Ukraine have once again shown the evil side of the despot Vladimir Putin.

In real democracies we are used to some major political parties taking their supporters to local polling stations. But modern Russia has a better idea: we will come to you, accompanied by armed soldiers, and let you know if you would like to see your parents/children tomorrow.

Nothing focuses the mind at referendum time like an AK-47.

David Ryan

Co Meath

We are not in a position to fault these referendums

THE sanctioning of second referendums in Ireland when the first referendum did not produce the desired result was clearly a dictate by the EU to get the response Brussels wanted.

That was more false than what is now referred to as “sham” referendums in the Russian-controlled parts of Ukraine. This area has traditionally always been part of western Russia.

Robert Sullivan

Bantry, Co. Cork

The GAA’s voluntary code sets them apart and must be protected

Billy Ryle (“GAA is based on volunteerism, so no manager should expect payments other than expenses”, Irish Independent, lettersSeptember 24) has the right approach to community sport: volunteer.

Once Mammon has a toe in the door, he will eventually open the door to money for all participants. But at what cost to the young athletes of a community or townland?

Two relevant examples are the FAI and Australian Rules Football. Initially, the participating teams consisted almost entirely of “locals”; on top of that workers who played on the weekends. Today they come from all over the world and there is a lot of money at stake. Unfortunately, Australian rules do not award a commemorative medal to runners-up in the grand final, such is the contempt for those who do not win.

The entire membership of the Gaelic Athletic Association must stop this attempt to monetize what is – in these days of rampant greed – outstanding volunteer service in the heart of every single townland in Ireland.

Declan Foley

Melbourne, Australia

Enough of the exhaust hot air – that’s ridiculous hypocrisy

Can I please be spared further lectures on the urgent need to change my lifestyle to stop the ills of climate change?

Taoiseach Micheál Martin was criticized by some for traveling business class on international trips. He travels in the luxury car class for domestic engagements. Ministers also use these means of transport. Just like the accompanying officials and journalists.

The media then engaged in mock confrontations with the same politicians over the failure of climate change policies and whatever other issues were paramount at the time.

I’ve never been on an airplane. I’ve ridden at least as many miles as I’ve ridden over the past 45 years. Pure for a healthier lifestyle. I am now weary of this climate change hypocrisy.

Surely any person of reasonable intelligence understands that normal human activities involve travel and the inevitable use of energy and displacement.

Please – politicians, academics and the media – be honest and recognize that emissions are the unavoidable price we pay for a decent, functioning life.

Larry Dunne

Rosslare Harbour, County Wexford

Expensive bills are enough to make you feel lightheaded

My “Have a nice day, thank God” greeting to a neighbor was answered with “Did you get your electricity bill?” Apparently his bills left him feeling a bit battered.

Tom Gilsenan

Beaumont, Dublin 9

https://www.independent.ie/opinion/letters/as-russian-citizens-are-thrown-into-the-firing-line-moscows-elite-wont-last-long-42016016.html When Russian citizens are thrown into the line of fire, Moscow’s elite will not last long

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