When will the first radio message from extraterrestrials come? Scientists think they finally know

SPACE geeks hoping to hear from aliens might be waiting a long time.

Experts say they worked when they expect it aliens Get in touch with.

Don't expect ET to call any time soon


Don’t expect ET to call any time soonPhoto credit: Getty

Despite repeated efforts to get in touch Foreignerwe will most likely not live to see that day – and neither will our grandchildren.

Scientists predict we won’t get an answer in a staggering 400,000 years.

The study deals with the challenging problem of so-called CETIs (Communication Extra-Terrestrial Intelligent Civilizations).

But that itself is just an intelligent guess as the only source of intelligent life we ​​have at the moment is ourselves.

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Scientists have long made estimates based on what is known as the Drake equation, which is used to estimate the number of extraterrestrial beings in the world Milky Way.

“Most studies of this problem are based on the Drake equation,” researchers say.

“The apparent difficulty of this method is that it is uncertain and unpredictable to quantify the likelihood of life appearing on a suitable planet and eventually evolving into an advanced communicating civilization.”

How on earth did they come up with a figure as high as 400,000 years with so little information available?

Well, they used a complex calculation involving galactic star formation and weighed the possibility that stars harbor Earth-like planets in their habitable zones.

Study authors Wenjie Song and He Gao of Beijing Normal University admit that “until there is positive evidence, it will remain entirely within the realm of hypothesis.”

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So there is still hope that something else could come up.

Until then, scientists want Update the message we’re beaming into space reveal the location of Earth – although some believe this could cause an alien invasion.

Digitally illustrated UFO on country road.


Digitally illustrated UFO on country road.Photo credit: Getty
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