Who Said that September is not for Dresses? Not with the Sleeper Atlanta Dress!

Yes, autumn has come and relieved us from the unbearable hotness of summer days. Breathing in the smell of fresh, slightly cool air you can already feel this sudden, even though reasonably expected, change of the seasons. Waking up can become a little bit harder, nights become noticeably longer, and it feels like the weather is also not as it used to be. No matter how subtle, these shifts always indicate that your life might also need some alterations. And, though it is prosaic, it means the change of the wardrobe too. However, although you might want to start getting out those button-up shirts and blazers from your closet, there’s yet no need for a cardinal change of clothes. Some summer items, such as linen dresses, for example, can still hang in your wardrobe for another month.

However, if you haven’t yet acquired one of those, there couldn’t be a better time to catch up with the fashion world and find yourself a nice semi-seasonal gown. One of the best options you can turn to during your search is the Daily Sleeper sale. At the end of each season, the well-known Ukrainian brand Sleeper holds a sell-out featuring the most beloved and unique items they have to offer. And as the brand has recently become also recognized for its vast collection of linen clothes, from women’s loungewear dresses to suits, it’s only fair that you will find one of the dresses you are looking for there. And if you are not in search of something particular, you might be pleasantly surprised by the number of great clothing options available to your choice.

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Navy Blue Linen Dress — an Outfit to Match the Autumn Color Palette

As it was mentioned, the beginning of fall doesn’t necessarily mean the end of skirts’ and gowns’ time. However, some of them might be more appropriate for the weather than others. For example, silk items will still be of use, because this material is not that light but still offers enough breathability for you to not get hot. Linen is another option. At first, you might think that linen is most definitely more of a summer fabric. Although that is true, clothes made from this type of material can be worn in the early autumn period too. If we take for example one of the Sleeper’s most famous designs – the Atlanta navy dress. The mid-length of the gown as well as its long billowing sleeves allows for better coverage during more chilled-out days. And thanks to the material, even if you spend your time under the still warm autumn sun, you won’t get hot no matter the temperature.

Besides, the Sleeper Atlanta dress is known to be a widely versatile design too. To be fair, most of the brand’s items can be easily incorporated into any wardrobe, because besides uniqueness they also offer comfort and simplicity. That’s why it doesn’t take too much effort to create an interesting outfit using some of the Sleeper clothes. If you are thinking about some ways of incorporating navy blue linen dresses into your fall wardrobe, there are many easy ways to do so by:

  • combining the dress with a strict black blazer and a pair of loafers
  • putting on some jewelry, adding a trench coat, and some high heel boots
  • adding a leather jacket and a pair of heavy leather combat boots.
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And these are just some of the variants of the combinations you can come up with this fall.

Staying in Trend

Women’s loungewear dresses have been in style for the last few months. Unsurprisingly so, because this type of clothes offer not only a high level of comfort but can also become an extremely elegant addition to one’s wardrobe. Brands like Sleeper understand this and that’s why they try to popularize this style through their perspective. Silk and linen dresses, pajama suits, and loungewear sets – all of these outfits have been trending for quite some time now and seem to still have the attention of the fashion scene drawn to them. Of course, trends are not everlasting, however, the value of comfortable and tasteful clothes is. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of fashion suddenly changing up on you if the clothes you wear allow you to look sophisticated and confident. With such clothes, you will always be able to stay on trend. So, don’t be afraid that those navy blue linen dresses or vintage-inspired pajamas will go out of style in a few months. Just wear what makes you feel the most stylish version of yourself.

Autumn – The Season of a Versatile Palette

If you think that choosing the right color combinations for this season’s wardrobe will be a tough task for you, think again. Autumn is as colorful of a period as summer is. Orange, yellow, red, and brown seem to be the go-to colors for clothes during this season. However, when there was a discussion about women’s loungewear dresses, it has been also mentioned that a navy gown would suit this season’s wardrobe as well. This type of deep blue will go in great contrast with the colors of nature in early fall. This will distinguish you from the background, making your figure more bright and more noticeable. Black is also still an option, however, if you are looking for something more fun, then dark green and olive shades will be of service to you. Besides, these shades can be unproblematically combined with black, white, and even yellow hues, creating astounding unique outfits. Generally, don’t get too fixated on which colors you should and shouldn’t wear. In the end, everything depends on how well you can style some items together, and not what color palette you chose for the season.

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