Who will Apple’s M-series Mac Pro be for?

Apple’s introduction this week of M1 Mac Studio super support which means the company has delivered a Mac that delivers more performance than many users need. With that in mind, people are now asking the question, who will the Mac pro running M be for?

Mac Pro – not for the rest of us

The mainstream tech press likes to emphasize that Apple will always be a niche player in the personal computer space. But this completely ignores the rapid increase in market share that Apple has achieved thanks to the strength of Apple Silicon.

At the launch of Mac StudioApple executives told us that the company has seen Mac sales increase in each of the past six quarters. That’s not the trajectory you get from a proper player – and the Mac Pro will propel the company further.

Running several iterations of Apple’s M-series chips, the Mac Pro won’t be for the rest of us. Why would it be?

Consider that even the entry-level Mac mini M1 immediately delivers great improvements across The most innovative app For a large number of users, it has become all they need.

The first generation of M1 machines was reset expectations across the industry. M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, or M1 Ultra, these four chips deliver power, efficiency, and performance-per-watt that puts the Mac at the top or closest in the industry.

In fact, even low-end machines offer the kind of computing performance you used to have to buy a high-end computer (at a premium price) to get. The new Mac Studio hits some of the most premium markets right away.

When is better better best?

What Apple has to offer now is enough for most professional users in almost any field. Of course, you can never have too much computational performance. Every few seconds saved when dealing with the most complex calculations at least represents a better work/life balance and – at the most demanding levels – can mean profitability and productivity. higher capacity.

But at what point does improving performance no longer represent a need here and now, and instead becomes a tailored solution to challenges we haven’t yet encountered?

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I think this is what we will see in a Mac Pro – a computer, probably powered by at least a pair of M1 Ultra processors, capable of handling absolutely any task you do with it. it. Think of it as an Apple workstation built for the challenges of tomorrow, not a professional machine (as it once was) struggling to keep up with the demands of today.

It’s a very different animal.

So who will buy it?

The Mac Pro, then, will be a premium machine aimed at very specific markets:

  • Rich Apple fans who just want the best.
  • Computer professionals are in rigorous demand in fields such as biochemical research, data analysis, engineering, machine learning, or risk analysis.
  • And developers.

For developers, the big opportunity will be to build apps that span Apple’s Mac Pro. Like Apple’s own product designers, they will empowered to dream and build completely new solutions for unknown questions – the software is not usable on other platforms yet.

It’s interesting to consider, for instance, that some of the new AR experiences you’ll eventually find on platforms outside of Apple will likely be created using Apple-powered computers. That Apple also has a increasingly clear roadmap for future processor development is very important.

It means that developers creating new solutions and premium customers using them can be confident they won’t hit a platform-driven dead end. It also means that consumer users can be relatively certain that this enhanced power and performance will eventually reach entry-level Macs.

Outstanding PC brand?

They will also be cheaper to run than other systems. Intel’s Core i9-12900K presumably competes with the performance of the M1 Ultra in some real-world tasks, but requires more power to run. “Other companies can make laptops or workstation SoCs with higher performance, but Apple’s goal is to beat them in performance-per-watt,” noted a Creative Strategies analyst. Ben Bajarin.

This combination of power, performance, and energy efficiency means that Apple will eventually become as dominant in personal computing as it is in smartphones. And the Mac Pro will become the computer other PC vendors aspire to beat.

I bet few would expect to say that about Apple.

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