Why did the government reverse its ban on transconversion therapy?

Debates about gender and identity are now among “the most heated in our politics,” said Robert Colvile in The Sunday Times. That’s why “all hell broke loose” last week when the government announced it planned to reverse its promise to ban all types of “conversion therapies” — regardless of whether they target one’s sexual orientation or gender identity to change person. She finally agreed on a compromise: to ban therapies for homosexuals, but not for transsexuals.

His rationale is as follows. Imagine two children: the first develops feelings for someone of the same sex and is dragged in front of an “authority figure” by their conservative parents to “smash” their affections; the second is dissatisfied with their gender, but their “tolerant” parents still want them to wait before undergoing irreversible medical treatment. The government wants to “prevent the first scenario without criminalizing the second”. And polls show that reflects public opinion. Most people support the right of trans adults to identify themselves “however they choose,” but believe that changing gender should be a considered process. We may not live in a utopia for LGBT people, but neither the public nor the government are “deeply hostile to trans rights”.

In this case, why is the government willing to put trans people through conversion therapy, Jayne Ozanne said in The guard. As someone who has endured “healing prayers” and even exorcisms to eliminate my attraction to women for nearly 20 years, I know how damaging such therapy can be. It’s even worse for trans people: the government’s 2018 LGBT survey found they are almost twice as likely as lesbians and gay men to be offered and undergo interventions; and these interventions, it noted, can include beatings, deprivation and verbal abuse.

Emma Flint said transconversion therapy was banned in Brazil, Switzerland and Germany The Independent. Here, however, the Tories view the desire to transition as they once viewed homosexuality: as a disease to be cured.

But it’s wrong to treat gay and transgender rights as equal, Lucy Bannerman said in The times. Nobody in the gay rights movement has tried to redefine “who is gay and who is straight”. In contrast, “extremists in the trans movement” have attempted to reclassify “how people are categorized” in various walks of life by prioritizing “gender identity” over biological sex. Some charities may not see a problem in putting transgender young people on a path of “experimental hormone treatments and lifelong medication,” but it is not abusive for professionals to question such practices, even when others call this survey “conversion therapy.” . “A multitude of clinical opinions” should be encouraged, not forbidden, on this difficult subject.

https://www.theweek.co.uk/news/society/956387/why-did-the-government-u-turn-on-its-trans-conversion-therapy-ban Why did the government reverse its ban on transconversion therapy?

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