Why do some people keep getting Covid while others NEVER get sick?

We all know at least one person who seems particularly good at dodging Covid.

There are people who, despite being in very close contact with positive people, make no mistakes – while others come across every new variation.

Some people seem to have completely avoided catching Covid while others have managed to be reimagined


Some people seem to have completely avoided catching Covid while others have managed to be reimaginedCredit: AFP

For those who have caught the variant, a string of extremely positive studies shows that Omicron is lighter than other strains.

Health officials have repeatedly said the Covid booster shots protect against Omicron and offer the best chance of weathering the pandemic.

The Sun’s Jabs Army campaign is helping to get vital additional vaccines in British arms to avoid the need for any new restrictions.

Now, as the majority of Britons have been affected by Omicron in recent weeks, many will ask friends who have never been isolated: “How did you get out of it?”

It can be due to luck, winning the lottery to protect the vaccine or due to genes…

Leading immunologists suggest that there may be a reason behind it – with some lucky people having innate immunity.

Experts in the UK and Brazil are investigating whether some people already had their bodies ready to fight the virus before the pandemic started.

Their blood and cells could help scientists understand more about immunity and could even point the way to a Covid vaccine that can defeat any variant.

For those that continue to catch Covid, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their immune systems are not working properly.

Even though they are vaccinated they may be more susceptible to the virus, have weakened immunity, they are not careful with hand washing/mask, etc or are unlucky in managing to eliminate each one. variant.

Danny Altmann, professor of medicine and immunology at Imperial College London, told the Telegraph Immunity genes vary from person to person.

“I’m talking about a thousand possibilities on your checkerboard; no two people will ever look alike,” he said.

Current research at Oxford University and Imperial College London is examining how easily some people catch Covid compared with others.

The volunteers, who received the same dose of the vaccine, are exposed to the same virus and are then isolated for two weeks.

It is expected that immune responses will vary from person to person.


A similar study occurred at the start of the pandemic, where healthcare workers were likely exposed to Covid in the workplace.

But at the end of the trial, only 20% had obvious signs of Covid infection, while 65% were completely uninfected.

The remaining 15% experienced low-grade “abortion-associated infections”, which were not picked up in PCR tests.

They had no Covid antibodies, but had higher-than-average T-cell counts – indicating their bodies had cleared the virus before it arose.

It was as if their bodies were able to fight Covid, even though they hadn’t encountered the virus before.

Mala Maini, professor of viral immunology at University College London, and co-author of the study, said: “They didn’t completely fight the infection, but they eliminated it so quickly that it was impossible to get rid of it. realized according to the standard. test.”

In 2020, a leading scientist says “a significant number” of Britons are naturally immune to Covid.

Sir John Bell, a professor of medicine at the University of Oxford, said it was likely that a large number of the population already had a “baseline level” of resistance to Covid-19.


“I think they were present in quite a number of places,” he said.

“So there’s probably background T-cell immunity in people before they’ve seen the coronavirus, and that could have something to do with the fact that many people have an asymptomatic disease.

“Those T cells get a little tired when you’re over 65 and may not be as effective at clearing the virus, so that could explain some of the different features of this disease.”

It comes as the Prime Minister today criticized the “tragedy” of anti-vaxxers “mumbo jumbo” spreading “nonsense” online – as he warned the NHS is under “enormous” pressure.

The Prime Minister insists ministers are doing everything they can to ensure that those most likely to contract the disease are vaccinated, as he again urged everyone to come forward and get vaccinated now.

He stressed Britain would “get through this wave” but warned “the pressure on hospitals is clear – we must give the health service all the help we can in the coming period.” “.

Thanks to the increased deployment, Boris Johnson said the country would be in a stronger position to fight Omicron when the Plan B measures expire in three weeks.

People without boosters account for almost 50% of daily cases, expert reveals Why do some people keep getting Covid while others NEVER get sick?

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