Why does my weight fluctuate so much?

OUR weight is affected by a number of things, including what we eat, drink, how much we exercise, and even how long we sleep.

It can be confusing if your weight changes from day to day, but experts say this is completely normal.

It can frustrate you if you're trying to lose weight and the weights keep changing - but experts say that's completely normal


It can frustrate you if you’re trying to lose weight and the weights keep changing – but experts say that’s completely normalCredit: Getty

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may end up spending a lot of time on the scale.

But that’s not all the numbers mean, as weight changes can also be seen through your measurements like waist and thighs – and can also be felt through the senses. your clothes on you.

One expert says that the stress on numbers on the scale can also cause your weight to fluctuate.

Speaking to The Sun, David Stache, sports nutritionist from nutrition label, Warrior “Having chronically high levels of stress can mess up your stress hormone levels, which can cause your body to store fuel instead of burning it, which can lead to weight gain,” says Dr.

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“Another reason you may see fluctuations in your weight is due to fluctuations in your hormones, especially before and during your period where your body is retaining water, which can cause temporary weight gain.”

He explains that people who want to lose weight will also regularly ramp up their exercise routine – which he says can actually lead to weight change.

“Many people get discouraged after the first few days because they may not see any change, or even an increase,” he says.

The reason for this, he says, is muscle pain and inflammation caused by breakdown of muscle tissue in response to resistance training.

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This happens for a day or two after each training session to protect muscle tissue from the new training regimen.

He adds: “It’s important to remember that this is only temporary and usually goes away after the second week of maintaining your new exercise regimen.”

Dean Hodgkin, personal trainer and head of programming at community wellness and fitness apps, TV.FIT TRUCONNECT say your weight can change by up to 2kg (4.5lbs) throughout the day.

He says the variation over the course of a day is most likely due to water levels or retention.

He adds that people on a high-carbohydrate diet will need extra water to convert them into energy stores, so your body will retain a higher amount of water.

“It’s the same story for salt, which, in the right concentrations, is important for supporting the smooth functioning of muscles and nerves, but when consumed in excess, it triggers your body to try to dilute it. to return to the optimal set point .

“This is why you feel thirsty when you eat chips and crackers,” he said.

Dean also explains that fiber-rich foods help regulate the water content of your stool, so whole grains, beans, and greens should be included in your diet to combat water retention.

“Exercise is also on your side because not only is there an effect on sweating, but increased blood flow has a detoxifying effect on a cellular level, and using up stored energy leads to the use of more water to recover them.”


For most people, exercise helps us fall asleep – because it burns energy.

Dean says that getting a good night’s sleep is also key to gaining weight.

“It’s also your ally because water is used in metabolic recovery, through perspiration, defecation, and as water vapor in the breath.”

When it comes to managing your weight, Dean says moderation is key and that includes alcohol.

“Alcohol is unique because it can initially stimulate the kidneys to remove water from the blood, but this can lead to vital organs and the skin to actually retain water, leading to water retention,” he explains. to bloating in the stomach and visible puffiness on the face and legs.

“Of course, alcohol comes with a lot of calories, so if you’re managing your weight, moderation is key.”

If your bathroom scales bring bad news, Dean adds that you shouldn’t automatically assume that an extra pound or two is fat gain.

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“The law of averages applies, so try to think of controlling your weight not in a day or even a few days but over weeks and more practically every month.

“The secret to success is actually no secret… just move a little more and eat a little less if your goal is healthy and sustainable weight loss.”

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