Why Elden Ring’s Torrent Might Be the Best Gaming Mount We’ve Ever Seen

At the risk of offending horseback riding enthusiasts, I must say that most mounts in video games are lousy.

Now I have to admit that my experience with anything pony in real life is basically limited to ponies you can ride at a school fair and put in a little twist. small in the Grand National quite a while ago. But in video games, I’ve ridden a lot of games and they always fall short.

If you’re a ’90s kid like me, your first memory of riding a digital steed is probably Epona from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Doesn’t the stamina management with the carrot and the way she stops if you try to approach the obstacle at a slight wrong angle is annoying?

That said, the practicality of riding a hard-hood and quirky mammal is great for getting around Hyrule, and so it’s no surprise why, given the rides away into the open world, having a mount is an integral part of getting from A to B. I just wish it felt more enjoyable.

Roach of The Witcher 3. Can’t get him anywhere. I have my fair share of problems with CD Projekt Red’s overrated RPG (don’t make me start fighting) but getting around in that game is a pain. It may have more to do with its environment, but my memories of traveling through Velen and Novigrad mostly involve Roach getting entangled in a tree or stopping on a rocky slope. Unless you’re willing to let the autopilot steer you on a set route – but long and winding – you’re better off just equipping architecture or using fast-moving vehicles, this usually a sign that your open world has failed.

Remember all that Rockstar is about Realistic horse testicles in Red Dead Redemption 2? I didn’t really spend much time examining that detail myself, instead I remember trying to use its cinematic camera to make you feel like you’re in a movie. epic epic of the west only to have it turn into a joke when you can’t control your mount has you falling or head-on collision into the dirt.

It would be very sacrificial if a horse in Shadow of the Colossus was introduced that finally, but even with all that supposed realism put into its behavior, there’s probably a reason why Fumito Ueda names your steed Agro.

Ultimately, the most enjoyable virtual riding experience stems from those in Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us (which is a Naughty Dog game, which you just push anyway) or mounts you can unlock in Final Fantasy 14it’s an extension of self and hardly faster than a sprint.


So what got me so excited about riding in the Elden Ring after hours of immersion in the Closed Network Test last November? While that beta only allowed me to run wild in a small portion of its open world in Limgrave, the player’s steed – known as Torrent – is not only a big hit, but it will obviously be a big hit. important part of the core gameplay.

Of course, FromSoftware has included horses in their previous games like in Bloodborne and Sekiro – but only as part of the enemy design. This is the first time you’ll be able to ride a mount in one of their games, which makes a lot of sense given the convenience of traveling in the large open world of the Elden Ring, more so than in the tight maze maps stricter than that of Dark Souls.

Of course, there’s reason to be wary of how riding will work. After all, movement in FromSoft games has a sense of common sense and intentionally, clumsy – so isn’t this a case of triple mounts? You don’t need to worry though, as it looks like the developers have researched horseback riding in other open world games and just said, “nah, screw it on, let’s have some real fun with it. this.”

The reason why Torrent is such a good horse is that he is not at all a simulation of a real horse. Dude, he’s a spooky horse with horns who instantly materialize in thin air with you in the saddle after his whistle. No waiting around to find him stuck in the scene, he just pops up instantly and you can jump down quickly, no mess. Embrace that, Roach.

To that end, the game has a lot of licensing with what you can do. Movement feels nimble because Torrent is just controlled by the player – you don’t have to struggle with reins or anything more difficult or advanced. Spectral steeds don’t have to land like real horses, and that’s what I mean. Sure, using air currents to make Torrent jump off a cliff looks cool, but what’s really special is that he can jump completely. It doesn’t matter if the fence can be galloped or not, but you can instead jump and be bound to the same dedicated jump button your character has.


And what could be better than a horse that can jump? A horse can double jump.

This is a steed that laughs (heh?) in the face of obstacles. It sped across the terrain deftly, non-stop, while other video game horses would fail at the first obstacle. The Elden Ring might not get the leveled Breath of the Wild going quite anywhere, but that double jump is a statement of intent. It was simply created to allow you to go places that would otherwise not be possible. The developers may have hidden rare items, only accessible by horse, or even smuggled in a way that bypasses the sequence using Torrent. That alone would make passing fun; When you’re galloping around the Midlands trying to reach the top of its massive ruins or trying to scale a seemingly insurmountable mountain face, you know Torrent is always there. Eager to help.

But perhaps the special sauce that really is Torrent will also be a good aid in combat. My memory of horseback combat in any game isn’t particularly memorable, but in Elden Ring it’s certainly one of the ways to make some tough challenges more accessible. . It was obvious when, during the Closed Network Test, I had the chance to go down to Lake Agheel and come face to face with a giant fire-breathing dragon.

When I’m walking, I’ll be toasted in seconds. But with Torrent, I could easily dash in and out of battle, dodge its fiery breath that set half of the lake on fire, and also catch up to it when the dragon decided to take to the air. An optional boss that you feel like someone you shouldn’t mess with until you’ve mulled over it for about 10 hours is suddenly something you can confidently tackle, taking power in your hands.

Of course, you still have to time your attacks. That clumsiness that requires you to perform your actions is still present in combat on horseback as in the rest of the game, but when attacks connect – like when you rush into a crowd enemies or cry on the feet of a troll – they feel great. One of my favorites is riding while charging a sword attack, with the blade running along the ground (please have DualSense assist for this), before releasing the trigger to swing it straight. in the face of your enemies.


And if things don’t go your way, Torrent is also your way out. Overwhelmed by fearsome enemies? You can just screw it on. That’s a key differentiator in Elden Ring from the unforgiving environment of Dark Souls. Where you’re often forced to fight against everything that’s trying to kill you, the open world of Lands Between means you can really choose your battles, so if you go into a dead hell There’s something, just passing, no pressure (at least for the open world part – it’s just a pity that Torrents won’t be able to accompany you in the game’s dungeons, like the traditional Dark Souls experience. system).

I look forward to exploring more deeply the world of Elden Ring, its lore, combat and no doubt the secrets For which FromSoft is so famous. But on Torrent alone, I can say that this game will be very interesting when it comes out.

Elden Ring Why Elden Ring’s Torrent Might Be the Best Gaming Mount We’ve Ever Seen

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