Why Hunt: Showdown is the FPS that makes stories

Hunt: Showdown is a completely different kind of multiplayer FPS experience. It puts a fresh twist on the prominent PvE and PvP models in the series, opting instead to combine different types of multiplayer matches into something unique. And while it involves guns, loot, and mining, it’s a much more versatile game than you might expect. You can earn XP and join the monster hunt regardless of your level and play style. There are clues to be found, enemy teams to be clever and tactics to plan and execute together with your friends. Hunt: Showdown’s maps are small sandboxes, filled with monsters and explorable environments, that combine to create memorable player stories.


The main goal when you join a match of Hunt: Showdown is to track down the target, destroy them and get the bonus, be it solo, or as a duo or a trio. How you do this is up to you, and there are a number of side activities you can do on your way to your boss. Hunt’s Map: Showdown is compact but filled with ruined buildings, misty swamps, and other attractions depending on the map you load in. Somewhere hidden on each map are one or two of the game’s selections of four boss monsters, each different in the way they will defend themselves. Butcher will throw fire bombs, while other monsters will be super aware of any sound you make when moving to destroy.

To track down the boss, you need to collect clues using your Dark Sight. It’s usually nice to have a team member handle this, as they guide the player from point to point, slowly narrowing down to the final spot. As you make your way from the building to the swamp and back again, you’ll slowly maneuver the monster and earn Prizes that will reward you on completion. Whether you’re taking out other players, gathering boss information, or hanging and using traps, you’ll be rewarded for your specific playstyle.

Rules of participation

While stealth can be hugely advantageous in Hunt: Showdown, there’s plenty for players who just want to run and shoot their way through monsters. Thanks to the binaural acoustic design, emitting loud sounds will alert other players to your overall position, but some may want to use that to their advantage, setting traps and setups. line of sight to catch enemies as they come running. Those who want to play more tactically and coordinate with their friends will find comfort in the melee weapons scattered around each map. They kill enemies (relatively) quietly, allowing you to explore with less chance of warning other players. Every party member has something to offer in the Hunt, whether they’re a first-rate shooter or more adept at exploration and stealth.

It is these smaller decisions that really begin to set Hunt: Showdown apart from other online shooters. Even fairly standard runs from spawning to boss fights can feel unique, with the multitude of options available to you. Sometimes, you will accidentally trigger a flock of birds, causing enemies to flood into the woods. Your teammates can mistakenly throw a fire bomb and set your building on fire. Mini-sized stories like this highlight every match in a way that really builds on the core FPS experience.


Show you the ropes

With so many aspects to be played in each round of Hunt: Showdown, it’s great that the game has an in-depth tutorial that players can use to master the basics. Instructions are available in three difficulties as slowly adding more complex systems and harder enemies. The character you level up and the bonuses you earn during the join will carry over to the main game, which means the time you invest early will be rewarded. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you have the freedom to approach each goal any way you want. You have the freedom to write your own stories across a wide selection of maps and modes.

One of the most important things you learn in the introductory tutorial is whether to fight or not. As you approach the boss, you’ll get a flashing icon in the corner of the screen, either white or red. White means there are no other players around fighting the boss, giving you complete clarity to move to your goal. The red icon means you need to keep an eye on other players, but it’s also a great opportunity to set traps and ambushes, as you rush in to finish off the boss after the opposing team’s health has dropped. As each match progresses, you can decide how you want to advance. Play it safe and wait for enemies to run away from each other, or set up decoys and traps and ambushes to get better gear soon. The choice is yours.


Expulsion Technique

While the main goal in Hunt: Showdown is to eliminate the target and extract with the bounty, there are various options for when you choose to extract. You can spend your time earning prizes, searching for points of interest and clues, and extracting before you are killed by enemy players. You’ll still earn XP doing this, and sometimes it’s the smarter move to cut your losses and run. If you manage to take down the boss, you’ll need to complete Expulsion to get your Bounty Tokens. Doing this tells players where you are, so you’ll want your team ready and all exits covered before proceeding. Sometimes, luring enemies into danger this way can yield great rewards, as you use your boss’s body to set traps, earning yourself lives and more prizes in the process. After the boss is banished and you get the Bounty Token, all the remaining players will be able to see your location on the map, so you need to be aware of that too before going to the mining point. It is this varied and player-focused storytelling that really shines in Hunt: Showdown. It gives players options to create their own version of key parts of each map and makes each push, and each retreat, feel unique.

Hunt: Showdown presents a rewarding twist on familiar multiplayer mechanics. It balances variety and player choice with a great tutorial and simple control schemes, allowing for a variety of individual playstyles to be possible. By providing alternative ways for players to interact with its world besides shooting, Hunt: Showdown is a far more accessible beast than any other entity. Through careful exploration, clues, and ax-smashing action, Hunt: Showdown is a snappy FPS game that rewards experimentation. As long as you make it to extract, that is.

Hunt: Showdown is now available on SteamXbox One, Xbox Series consoles, PS4 and PS5.

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