Why is my boiler making gurgling boiler noises and how can I fix it?

NOW that the temperature has dropped you will not be happy if your boiler suddenly erupts out of nowhere.

Here’s what to do to make sure you spot signs yours is breaking and costing you a packet.

You are not alone... Many of us are tormented by our boilers


You are not alone… Many of us are tormented by our boilersPhoto credit: Getty – Contributor

boiler manufacturergurgling boiler noises?

Hearing this when your boiler is on fire may mean your radiators are not heating properly.

The noise can be caused by air in the system, a blockage, or deposits at the bottom of the kettle that may need to be flushed out by a professional.

A frozen condensate pipe can also be to blame.

If a frozen pipe is the cause, it must be thawed with hot water bottles and heat wraps – but only if the pipe is accessible at ground level.

What does ignition lock mean?

This mostly happens with older boilers, but it can also happen with new ones.

Boiler manufacturers install the lockout feature – which causes a shutdown – because certain functions are not working, which could compromise safety.

But not all shutdown triggers are due to something seriously wrong.

It could be due to a simple fault like a power outage or just low pressure.

There is usually a reset button on the front of your boiler.

Your owner’s manual tells you to press this button to reset the boiler and unlock it.

Why does the heating stop when I turn on the hot water?

If the diverter valve in your boiler is faulty, it will cause the heating to shut off when you turn on the hot water.

This problem can lead to frustration when the radiator doesn’t get warm – when in fact the heating could have been turned off by someone taking a hot shower.

The diverter valve is used in combination boilers to divert the plasma flow between the domestic hot water coil and the radiator.

Solving this problem requires a new part and installation, which should be done by an installer unless you are expert.

What do I do if my boiler needs repairs?

If the boiler shuts down more than once or twice, or you continue to hear strange noises, you should have it checked by a gas technician.

This can be costly, so find out if you’re covered for boiler repair bills.

Check if it’s still under warranty or insurance policies will pay – most have 24 emergency hotlines.

You may also have a policy with your utility company.

Do not attempt to repair your own boiler unless you have the proper qualifications, it can be extremely dangerous.

To find a reputable engineer, check the Gas Safety Registry, which keeps a list of those with the right qualifications.

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