Why is the West worried about Russia’s chemical attack in Ukraine?

The White House has warned that Russia may be planning to launch chemical weapons in an attempt to break Ukraine’s fierce resistance to Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

After Moscow yesterday claimed there was no evidence that Kyiv was considering the use of non-conventional weapons, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Western officials should “watch out” for the use of weapons. Biogas.

Describing the allegation that Ukraine was planning to use chemical weapons as an “apparent conspiracy” to justify further attacks, Psaki said Russia could “use chemical or biological weapons”. learn” or “create a wrong flag works”, adding: “It is a clear pattern. ”

Chemical Escalation

Boris Johnson also warned yesterday that Russia may be planning to use banned weapons in attack Ukraine. “The stuff you’re hearing about chemical weapons is right there in their manual,” he told reporters.

“They started saying that there are chemical weapons being stored by their opponents or by the Americans. And so when they self-deploy chemical weapons – as I fear they might – they have a kind maskirovkaa fake story, ready to go. ”

Refer poisoning Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury four years ago, the prime minister warned: “You’ve seen it in Syria, you’ve seen it even in England. I just note that’s what they’ve been doing. It is a cynical, barbaric government, I fear”.

Johnson’s intervention prompted Technology Secretary Chris Philp to tell Sky News that “we have seen in the last 24 or 48 hours what appears to be false information published by Russian state agencies”.

Philp says this includes “the Russian embassy here in London, posting things like Twitter feeds that appear to be creating a false narrative that the Ukrainians are considering using chemical weapons, which is what it is.” is clearly absurd and completely untrue.

“Sometimes they do it in preparation but I hope that’s not what they’re planning,” he added. “The use of chemical weapons in any theater of war, certainly where there are a lot of civilians, is completely unacceptable.”

Then he told Radio era: “Clearly, the use of chemical weapons, especially during an invasion where there are so many civilians, would be an act of outrage against humanity. I want to say to anyone in Russia who is thinking about this: don’t cross that line, don’t cause any more pain and suffering for the Ukrainian people.”

White House officials have also raised the specter of a chemical attack on Ukraine, with one saying NBC News that weapons could be used “to justify a false flag campaign or to use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine”.

In false flagging, “one side of the conflict takes an action and tries to get the other side to do it, often to justify an attack on the other side,” the broadcaster explained. prefer.

On Wednesday, Russia announced that the US was “developing biological weapons in Ukraine”, Hill report, raising concerns that the allegations were “a possible pretext for Moscow to deploy its own chemical weapons”. US officials dismissed the claim as “ridiculous”.

Appearing before a congressional committee, CIA Director William Burns said that the statements coming out of Moscow “underline the concern that we all need to focus on such issues, where the possibility of the use of weapons is needed.” Chemical gas can be wrong. flag activities, or against the Ukrainians.

“This is something… very much part of the Russian playbook,” he warned. “They have used those weapons against their own citizens, at least they have encouraged their use in Syria and elsewhere; So that’s something we take very seriously. “

Repeat history

Just as Russia’s bombing campaign has brought back memories of attacks on Syrian cities including Aleppo and Idlib, the possibility that the country could deploy chemical weapons also raises concerns. that it could bring tactics used in the Middle East to the European battlefield.

“As the Russian offensive has leveled off around Kyiv and Kharkiv,” Financial Times Moscow’s repeated claims to chemical and biological weapons programs in Ukraine have raised concerns in the West that Putin could use unconventional weapons.

In his late-night speech, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy described Moscow’s claims as a “smoke curtain to justify their ever-more inhuman deployment of weapons,” the newspaper wrote. and asked Putin: “What else have you prepared for us?

Allegedly, we are preparing a chemical attack. “This really worries me, because we have been convinced many times: if you want to know the Russian plan, look at what Russia accuses others of. [doing]. ”

In 2013, “missiles containing the nerve agent sarin hit the outskirts of Ghouta, the capital of Syria” in “the deadliest chemical weapons attack since the Iran-Iraq war”. walkie talkie speak. “Estimates vary” but it is widely accepted that “somewhere between 281 and 1,729 men, women and children died before dawn in Damascus.

The newspaper added: “Witnesses described how victims tried to flee their homes, only to collapse on the street with foam bubbling from their mouths and noses. Those exposed “died of asphyxiation due to respiratory paralysis”.

Western governments have been quick to blame Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime for the attack, with Vladimir Putin cutting down on an isolated figure as he writes in New York Times that “there is every reason to believe” [poison gas] was used not by the Syrian Army, but by opposition forces”.

Nearly a decade on, Andy Weber, who served as assistant secretary of defense to Barack Obama responsible for nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs, told The Telegraph that “although Putin’s Recklessness on Nuclear Weaponsthe use of biological weapons in Ukraine is more likely.

“The Soviet Union has the largest biological weapons program the world has ever known, and parts of this program have continued uninterrupted since the breakup of the Soviet Union,” he warned.

“Russia has three military biological facilities that, to our knowledge, have never been visited by non-Russians. We don’t quite know what they’re doing. ”

https://www.theweek.co.uk/news/world-news/russia/956061/why-west-fears-russia-chemical-attacks-ukraine Why is the West worried about Russia’s chemical attack in Ukraine?

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