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Traditionally, personality rights only gave people freedom from publicity or government surveillance. Then, a few decades ago, regulators introduced a digital privacy law. The offline form of privacy has been extended to the online environment.

Users have been introduced to their privacy rights, which they can exercise online. Even if the Internet seems to be a public space, data privacy is still possible. Regardless, some companies do not allow their customers to fully exercise their privacy rights. This is because most of these companies do not see the right to privacy as a human right.

In recognition of the right to privacy, many countries have passed data protection laws. It recently took place in America: Virginia, California and Colorado. This law grants not only Internet access rights, but also the right to control how one’s data is collected, used, shared, stored and even deleted. It’s one thing to connect a phone to the internet and another to regulate what happens with its data there.

Justification Businesses must treat data protection rights as human rights

Online privacy law hasn’t always been a thing. Before it became the law, companies collected as much customer data as possible. Some even used extraction tools to mine data, while others forced customers to share their data without being able to disable their services. That’s how bad the situation with privacy on the Internet was.

As technology advances and cyber problems increase, companies needed to give people the power to dictate what happens to their data. Since it’s customers’ data, why not give companies the freedom to exercise control over it?

Businesses must treat data protection rights as other existing human rights because customers are human beings and must be treated as such. Humans don’t work these companies, which they can control by just giving them a few sets of orders.

Businesses worldwide must respect privacy rights just as they believe that all people have the right to life, freedom of speech, freedom of movement and other aspects of human rights. The reason companies need to do this is because of data protection legislation. Privacy rights have moved from mere decisions or human thought into legislation. Today, legislators around the world, in partnership with key decision-makers, are subjecting companies to rules that oblige them to show due respect to customers.

With the existence of privacy laws, privacy rights are still somehow inconsistent. For example, the CCPA (California Customer Privacy Act) still requires customers to opt out of a service. Indirectly, customers cannot prevent companies from collecting their data by default.

Despite the contradictions of data protection laws, companies must not disregard them. Instead, companies must treat privacy rights as a human right to avoid the wrath of the law.

Business owners need to handle customer data and give customers the space to exercise their privacy rights at every data collection point. You must refrain from taking customer data without their consent. Otherwise, the company could lose money answering court cases and paying fines.

  • Changes in data protection processes

In the past, companies have not had to worry about hiring legal experts or investing in data protection software. Now they have to take care of all that. Businesses must now verify that their privacy policies contain all the required information.

Likewise, companies didn’t have to think about hiring privacy professionals. In contrast, any company that collects user data must hire these experts to advise them on data protection measures.

Times are changing from using data silos to a centralized system of data storage. When these changes come about, companies need to comply as they provide clues to treat the right to privacy as human rights.

Customer privacy is not limited to companies. They need to learn from governments as they know a lot about human rights. Both large and small companies need to make it clear to customers how they use or share their data. To help companies take good care of their customers’ privacy, they need to consider data protection rights as part of universal human rights.

One of our goals at Zendata is to simplify privacy and legal requirements so your business can easily comply. Contact us today to show you how to treat customers right by allowing them to exercise their privacy rights when they use your websites or mobile apps.

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