Why Vladimir Putin lost the propaganda war in Ukraine

The besieged nation’s UN ambassador claims that the last text messages from a Russian soldier killed in Ukraine show a stark difference between reality on the ground and how the conflict is sold. for the army in Moscow.

According to the ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya. At a special session of the United Nations yesterday on the unprovoked invasion of Moscow, Kyslytsya read messages in which a mother asked her son “why are you here?” [not] It took so long to respond, are you sure you’re practicing? ”

“Mom, I’m in Ukraine,” replied the soldier. “There’s a real war going on here.” In a message said to have been sent shortly before his death, he wrote: “They told us that the Ukrainians would welcome us peacefully, but they are throwing themselves under our machines, don’t let us pass. They call us fascists, Mom. ”

Prisoners of War

Other Russian families have told of their “shock” to learn of “their loved ones’ participation in the invasion of Ukraine” through videos and photos posted online, Guardians reported.

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has set up a channel on the messaging app Telegram that has videos and photos allegedly showing captured Russian soldiers. The channel “Find Your Own” reported “resulting in outcry” from Russian families, who are being urged by Ukrainian officials to “speak out against” the invasion.

The sister of a wounded soldier captured from a Russian sniper unit told the newspaper: “I was completely shocked. I didn’t know he was fighting there.

Nobody needs this, not Ukraine and not Russia. I believe we can come to an agreement through peaceful means so that our sons, brothers and husbands do not die.”

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has also established a hotline called “Returning from Ukraine alive” which has “received hundreds of calls from relatives of the Russian military looking for their loved ones”, the broadcaster said. Kyiv Independent media tweeted.

According to the latest figures from the ministry, 5,700 Russian troops have been killed as the conflict today enters its sixth day. In contrast, the United States lost 4,431 soldiers and military personnel in the nearly nine-year war in Iraq, according to US Department of Defense.

The death toll in Ukraine is “unverified” and described by the Kremlin as “inaccurate”. Vox reported. But “they still stand in stark contrast to Russia’s initial expectations” of a “rapid, relatively painless invasion.”

“In recent years, Russia has continued to develop mixed warfare in recent years. But “on the information front, Russia seems to be losing the war. The sheer volume of videos and information coming from Ukraine in real time, plus a young, socially savvy president and transparent, widespread intelligence sharing, have proven to be the antidote. powerful for the Kremlin’s misinformation spiral. “

Propaganda machine

Professor Mark Galeotti, an expert on Russian security affairs and senior associate at the London-based Royal Institute of Joint Services, said Putin had “launched a predictable two-pronged propaganda campaign”. predict”.

In an article for AudienceGaleotti writes that the Kremlin has deployed “a series of nonsense arguments about the Russian invasion and legal and technological measures to attempt and maintain truthful reporting”. But “the Russian president’s media control machine is also scrambling to turn this gratuitous war.”

On Sunday, a hastily removed article on the Russian state-run Tass news wire claimed that “reliable sources from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation” had said that Putin was “personally extremely disappointed in progress of the military campaign”.

“Is this a clumsy correction?” Galeotti asked. “A hack in Ukraine added the damn butcher’s bill to an anodyne report? A deliberate act of vandalism by a journalist at Tass? ”

The answer is still unclear, but it seems “Putin’s propaganda machine is breaking down,” argues Galeotti.

According to the latest data from OVD-InfoA Moscow-based group that tracks politically motivated arrests, Russian authorities arrested a total of more than 6,400 people on Tuesday for participating in anti-war protests since the invasion. begins on February 24th.

British and Ukrainian defense sources told Time that “Putin believes he can capture Kyiv and as many as four other cities within 48 hours of launching his invasion“.

In Putin’s vision, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, “to surrender and sign a contract with Russia at the historic Pechersk Lavra monastery” that the Russian leader visited in 2004.

But his war “did not go to plan,” said the newspaper’s defense editor Larisa Brown. Instead, the invasion became disconcerting, “with Russian troops advancing against fierce Ukrainian resistance and analysts pointing to a failure in basic military tactics and a lack of intelligence.” God”.

https://www.theweek.co.uk/news/world-news/russia/955928/how-vladimir-putin-propaganda-failing-ukraine Why Vladimir Putin lost the propaganda war in Ukraine

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