Widespread censorship blocks important debates


People of all political persuasions must put aside their differences and unite to end society’s censorship. It seems you can’t say diddly-squat without getting banned, censored, deplatformed, or terminated. If you avoid all of this, you can still be accused of misinformation, fake news, or other nonsense.

How can we discuss at all if we can’t express our opinions? We end up in a situation where all that’s left is the official mainstream narrative.

For example, we are told to follow science, but questioning science or perceived reality is how science is practiced.

Once we have achieved the political condition of free speech, we can argue again about flags, marches and street names. But please remember that as we rant and fuss about these trivialities, the world around us is being changed and revolutionized.

Blockchain technology, central bank digital currency, armed drones above our skies, and a social credit system like China’s are all coming to you soon without public consultation. Keep that in mind the next time you get bogged down in tribal nonsense.

Louis Shawcross, Hillsborough, Co Down

Russian rhetoric fools no one as we face World War III

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that by supplying Ukrainian forces with offensive weapons, the United States is risking starting World War III. There’s a surprise.

There are absolutely sincere people who have asked who wants to risk starting World War III. The obvious answer is that no one in their right mind would want that – Lavrov is just playing politics.

However, let me add this: does anyone think that back in 1939 anyone wanted to start World War II? Of course not. So what happened?

What happened, Comrade Lavrov, was that people not only saw what Hitler was doing, but that he was determined to keep doing it unless someone stopped him. So the US and Britain intervened. Sound familiar?

Brendan Casserly, Bishopstown, Co Cork

The UN is not an organization to rely on in an hour of need

I agree with the opinion Irish Independent‘s Editorial (“Intense Diplomacy Required to End Suffering of Ukrainians”, April 26). I welcome your call for diplomatic efforts to resolve the human tragedy in Ukraine. However, you have alluded to the role of the UN and Turkey.

The UN has been unable to resolve nearly all longstanding global conflicts, including Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Palestine. It was also unable to prevent genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur, Xinjiang, Myanmar, Srebrenica and Rwanda.

It has also failed to stop human rights abuses such as human trafficking, rape as a weapon of war, torture, and religious and cultural nihilism. Turkey is also known for its abuse of Kurdish rights.

dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob, London

Twitter’s rules under Musk can hardly be more absurd

Like Ian O’Doherty, I’m enjoying the liberal-left hysteria that’s over Elon Musk‘s latest move (“Why the screaming mob meltdown over Musks Twitter takeover is a joy to behold’, Irish IndependentApril 27).

Perhaps they fear Musk will end Twitter’s silence on those defending women’s rights? People like Meghan Murphy, founder of the website Feminist Current; activist Kellie-Jay Keen; and Graham Linehan, the Irish co-creator of father ted, have been banned from Twitter. Her “thought crime” was defending women’s right to safe spaces for women only, free from male interference. This is obviously hate speech.

Others have been banned for stating simple biological facts like “men are male” or “a woman is an adult human female.”

Karl Martin, Dublin 13

Remote work gets in the way of customer satisfaction

The recent report on teleworker satisfaction makes interesting reading.

There is no doubt that a happy workforce leads to overall happiness. However, questions must be asked about the satisfaction of those who need to use services, especially public services.

The information that someone who works from home cannot direct you to the appropriate section because of “working from home” is not what you should expect.

If this situation is likely to continue, it’s important that home workers have everything they need to ensure customer satisfaction.

Alice Leahy, Alice Leahy Trust, Dublin

https://www.independent.ie/opinion/letters/widespread-censorship-is-blocking-important-debate-41594600.html Widespread censorship blocks important debates

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