Wife is at a loss when Date asks her to help him cook – but won’t let her eat

A woman was stunned after spending the night with her date, who asked her to help him cook dinner – but he had no intention of letting her stay to eat

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The woman was invited to cook a ‘good meal’ with her date (stock photo)

When you’re in a relatively new relationship, it can be difficult to figure out what the other person’s intentions and expectations are when it comes to dating.

But one woman on Reddit was particularly stunned after spending the night with a man she’d been dating for a year, who the next day asked her if they’d “cook a nice meal together.”

And while that might sound like a nice date idea, there was one big caveat — he apparently just wanted her to cook with him and had no intention of letting her stay to eat the food they’d cooked. actually eat.

in the her postThe woman explained: “So yesterday I met the guy I’ve been with for a year. There was some friction during the date, but we ended up talking about it. I slept at his place as we live in different cities and the next day he asked me if I would like to cook a nice meal together.

She wasn’t told she wouldn’t eat the food they cooked together (stock photo)


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“It’s something we’d love to do together for fun and make up for the shitty night. I think he suggested this because he knows I enjoy cooking and spending time with him so it would make me feel better. Great idea, I was really looking forward to cooking and eating together as we are both foodies.

“So, hurry up. We go through the supermarket to get groceries for an elaborate 4 hour recipe that we will prepare. We’re walking past the produce section or something when he suddenly mentions, ‘By the way, remind me to save you some food so you can have some too.’ I’m like, ‘Er, sorry, what do you mean by storing some food?’”

The woman then revealed that her date actually had some friends over for dinner who would eat the meal with him and he had no intention of letting them stay to eat with them.

And when she was upset by the idea, her date became “very irritated” and accused her of “conjecturing” about their dinner plans.

She added: “Apparently he has some friends coming over for dinner and I wasn’t invited to stay and actually eat dinner. He wanted me to cook a 4 hour recipe with him, but failed to mention that I wasn’t able to participate in the food portion.

“I became calm and upset because I was looking forward to spending some quality time with him, eating good food, and making up for a not-so-fun date. It also made me feel stupid and unimportant.

“He was very upset with me for assuming I would stay for dinner and then being quiet and upset and avoidant when he told me I couldn’t. I told him I was actually quite upset that he did it. Don’t tell me I can’t eat the dinner I’m going to cook with him.

“He had never asked me to stay for dinner: he had only asked me to cook dinner with him, forgetting to mention that I couldn’t stay to eat it.

“I can understand why it can be frustrating when I get upset because I get very calm and cold/avoidable. I’m aware that this is a problem and I’m working on it. On the other hand, I feel like he should have communicated better and maybe been a little more caring about my feelings. He’s usually a great person and this incident feels totally out of character.”

The woman explained that she didn’t end up cooking dinner with her date, and commenters on the Reddit post said she did the right thing by walking away from the situation.

One said: “Regardless of the type of relationship you have with him, you assumed what 99.99 percent of people in that situation would assume: that you would cook a meal to have dinner together.”

Another added: “It’s crazy that he thinks that’s an incorrect assumption on your part. Of course you assumed you would eat with him because that’s the normal thread of logic. I’m so glad you didn’t end up cooking him.”

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