Winston Churchill’s vision could have stopped Putin

In January 1902 the Duke of Marlborough wrote to his first cousin, Winston Churchill, describing a court ball which he had attended in St. Petersburg and which amazed him with its magnificence. The tsar laughed at the idea of ​​democracy in Russia, which he described as being 200 years behind Europe in the development of our national political institutions.

When the Russian Civil War began, Churchill foresaw that by immediately restoring order in Russia they could not only have prevented the spread of Bolshevism as a political menace, but also saved Russia’s rich and fertile grain districts for the rest of Europe Ukraine, the in the case of half measures or no measures at all, is rendered sterile by anarchy and revolution.

When Churchill announced that he was preparing plans for a war to defend Belarus, the Tsar’s Russia, British Prime Minister David Lloyd George denounced him for having drawn up plans to attack Bolshevism, which Lloyd George said “that none of our business”.

The prime minister went on to say that “an expensive war of aggression against Russia is a way to strengthen Bolshevism in Russia and create it at home”.

Lloyd George added that Churchill’s “ducal blood rebelled against the total elimination of grand dukes in Russia”.

Churchill realized that the open deployment of ground forces was out of the question because “public opinion at home would not condone it”.

So it seems that if Churchill had gotten his way, the likelihood of a communist Russia and its offspring Putin would not have materialized.

Or if it were, it would just be a political party in and out of power.

Hugh Duffy

Cleggan, County Galway

Fianna Fáil is not the place to go when it comes to finances

Referring to Micheál Martin, who told Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald, “God help us if you ever get anywhere near the state finances,” he seems to forget that we survived the devastation his party was wreaking on the financial health of this country has inflicted. Repeated.

His party, Fianna Fáil, is Charlie’s party. none given” Haughey. Bertie’s party “No Remembrance at the Tribunal” Ahern.

This country survived his party’s money for the banks in 2008; You shocked the country.

In Iceland, more than 20 bankers were jailed and the government collapsed.

Paul Maas

Killarney, County Kerry

Unfair taxation is driving up the number of dangerous cars on the road

Company car taxation has to be the most unfair and stupid in this country. Of course, we followed our close neighbors in introducing this tax, which raises money for the treasury by levying fines mainly on sales representatives who go about their business.

Just because a car has rear seats, the driver of that car has to pay an additional tax for it. How can a salesman do his job without a car?

What if that salesperson needs to use those rear seats to take clients or colleagues to meetings?

Nonsense, the government says, they get massive benefit from having this car. For real? The car is an integral part of a seller’s everyday life.

What if a carpenter brings a saw home from work to make something?

What if an office worker brings home a company laptop and watches videos over the weekend?

Or an electrician borrows a drill from work? Are these items then considered gifts and are they taxable? In a word, no. Why, then, are sellers taxed on the very item without which they simply cannot perform their duties? Your employers already pay taxes, insurance and maintenance for these vehicles. Why continue to penalize the driver?

In fact, sellers are forced to drive the cheapest and therefore potentially dangerous cars and drive unnecessary miles to reduce their BIK payment as much as possible.

That means the people who drive the most on our roads end up driving the most dangerous vehicles.

This is a shocking and irresponsible tax and should be abolished at least for luxury cars.

Eamon Kearney

Ayrfield Road, Dublin 13

Experience goes unused as the older generation is ignored

My generation experienced perpetual poverty in Ireland in the 1940s and 1950s.

We paid mortgages of 16pc. If we craved the taste of a raspberry, we had to grow it.

We now find ourselves marginalized. Rights seem to mean very little.

Breeda Kelly

Address with the editorial office Winston Churchill’s vision could have stopped Putin

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