Woman bitten by shark in ‘rare’ attack off New York beach


A woman was seriously injured Monday after a shark attacked her on Rockaway Beach in New York City.

Police were called to Beach 59th Street just before 6pm local time after the unidentified 50-year-old woman, who was swimming about 10 feet in the water outside, was bitten on her left leg. Fox5 New York reported.

The shark’s bite was so severe that it removed a piece of flesh from her thigh, resulting in a wound several centimeters wide and deep, they said The Associated Press.

When first responders arrived, the woman was found unconscious, according to Fox5. It was unclear if it was due to blood loss or shock.

Lifeguards helped the woman out of the water, administered first aid and put a tourniquet on her leg, the AP reported. She was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and officials said her condition was serious but stable.

The Rockaway area was cleared of all beachgoers immediately after the incident. According to the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, the beach remained closed on Tuesday.

Authorities said they have used drones and helicopters to search the area for sharks but have yet to find any. However, several sharks were later sighted about 25 miles east, near the Long Island shore, prompting authorities to close off portions of Jones Beach, the AP reported.

The parks authority called Monday’s attack “extremely rare” in a statement. FoxNewsadding: “We hope for a full recovery of this swimmer.”

Over the weekend of July 4, several people in the New York City area, including two teenagers, reported suffering nonfatal bites. Vox reported.

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