Woman blind in one eye after relentless attack by Jekyll and Hyde Bully

A woman was left blind in one eye after a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ thug threw a piece of jewelry in her face in a drunken rage.

Gina Wignall, from Birkenhead, Merseyside, suffered life-changing injuries after Paul Reid brutally attacked her.

Reid, 47, from Birkenhead, Merseyside, has been described as “Jekyll and Hyde” with a terrible temper. LancsLive reports

He was the partner of Ms. Wignall’s sister and left her behind because she was afraid she might lose her eye.

Lancashire Police have yet to release a mugshot of the criminal, who was jailed for 28 months for his vicious assault.

Reid’s former partner of 17, Jacquie O’Regan, 58, and her sister, Ms Wignall, 52, spoke about the hauntingly scary side of the “charming Irishman” who unleashed his brutal violence against Gina in July 2020.

The shocking damage Paul Reid inflicted on Gina’s left eye


Gina Wignall/MEN Media)

Ms Wignall has had three operations to try to save her left eye


Gina Wignall/MEN Media)

Despite his “charming” personality, when Reid drank, the sisters said he would become controlling and argumentative.

Jacquie said: “I got to the point where I stopped dating him.

“Every time there was something at the end of the night, an argument with a cab driver or some kind of disagreement.”

On July 26, 2020, her family scheduled a meeting at the sisters’ homes.

The men of the family, including Reid, gathered at Jacquie’s and the two sisters and their mother at Gina’s.

Jacquie said: “The boys were there enjoying the music, we had a glass of wine. It was a lovely evening in both houses.”

Then, around midnight, after Reid bared his butt to the group, the sister’s parents decided to leave.

Jacquie said: “Paul escorted her to the taxi and when he showed up it was like another person walked into the room.

“He was nervous, confrontational and wanted a fight. He clapped his hands and said, “Right… what the heck is all this Black Lives Matter?” It was like, ‘Let’s go… Let’s get started’.”

Reid continued to lash out at the church and at singer Prince, against whom he made obscene allegations.

Describing the situation as “heated up,” Gina said, “My brother Eugene left and I, my other brother Adrian and my nephew Jack went back to my house, but I could hear Jacquie from next door saying, ‘Don’t push me.’ “

Jacquie asked him why he “ruined a nice evening”.

She said: “He was right next to me and he was so angry that spit came out of his mouth and he was yelling at me.

“He pushed me and had never been physically violent towards me.

“It was a shock. I said ‘don’t push me’ and he did it again.

“Gina, my brother and my nephew were standing on the patio next door and they could hear me screaming.”

Refusing to leave her there, Gina said: “I went back in and said to him, ‘Enough. Just stop.”

Reid grabbed Gina by the top, threw her onto the sofa and slapped her.

Her brother Adrian pulled her to safety and her nephew Jack held Reid.

Preston Crown Court, where Reid was imprisoned for 28 months


Lancs Live/MEN Media)

When things seemed to settle down, Jack let go of Reid, but he jumped up and grabbed an ornament from the conservatory windowsill.

Jacquie said: “He pulled it back with his arm with such force that I yelled ‘no’. We were in a conservatory.

“He wanted to harm something or someone.”

When the vase hit Gina’s face, her vision vanished instantly, blood running down her face and causing her iris to droop from the eye socket on her cheek.

She said: “My world went black. The pain and panic I felt holding my eye as the blood gushed down my face will never leave me.

“I was afraid of who in my family he would hurt next.”

Gina was taken to Wigan Royal Infirmary before being transferred to Manchester Eye Hospital for further treatment.

Surgeons struggled to save her shrunken eyeball and attempted to save her sight.

Unfortunately, she was never able to see with her left eye again.

In October 2020, after three surgeries, doctors broke the news to Gina that her sight would never return.

Jacquie described the false hope of any surgery as “soul-wracking” at a time when her father was dying of cancer.

In addition, Gina had to cancel a trip to Australia to see her son and grandchildren because of the injuries.

The day after the attack, Jacquie spoke to Reid and told him Gina could be losing her sight.

She said Reid got aggressive before packing his bags and leaving for Ireland.

Jacquie said: “I didn’t see him again. A 17 year relationship, over.

“Two weeks later, he gave me an hour’s notice that he was coming to collect his things. There was a van outside with two boys waiting for him.

“I had packed everything he owned ready for pickup. When he got home, I panicked and ran to ask a neighbor to help me carry his bags to the driveway.

“Everything was boxed, labeled and boxed. That’s how conditioned I was.

“He showed up and came to the front door. He asked for his TV, so I gave him his TV.

“He asked for the Virgin boxes and then in that order for his Nutribullet, fridge magnets and mugs.

“After that he just said, ‘How’s Gina?’. I said, ‘How dare you?’. He showed no remorse.

“He was cocky to the point. how can you be like that She was like a sister to him.”

Reid has never apologized, although he claimed in court that he wanted to.

Gina is now beginning to rebuild her life, but she says the impact of the attack is still great.

She continued, “It’s simple things too. I can’t apply eyeshadow because you have to close one eye and I can’t see. It’s difficult to shave under my arms.

“Some days I feel better, but there are days when my eye hurts or itches.

“I’m just lucky to have such a good family and good friends. I’m just glad that these people have helped me on my way.”

Doctors made a colored contact lens to improve the look of Gina’s eye, but her left eye is visibly smaller than her right.

She said: “I feel embarrassed and embarrassed, especially after a male colleague who saw me said, without meaning to, ‘Your eyes were one of your best features.’ That hurt so much.”

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Gina was so terrified by the attack that she had her home secured and an alarm installed so that the police could be notified directly.

She said, “The only thing I always said was, ‘If I die, they can take everything but my eyes.’ I used to have beautiful big brown eyes. No more.”

Gina said: “I’m glad he got justice. I’m glad he’ll have that on his record.

“His aggressive, threatening, bullying behavior has landed him in prison while I’m left with monocular vision, facial scars and a whole new lifestyle to adjust to.”

Jacquie added: “He presented himself as a professional.

“He was a good forklift teacher and people liked him, but they didn’t see that other side of him. She was disclosed in court. He was like Jekyll and Hyde.”

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