Woman stunned when stranger asks to see her home because he used to live there

Although the man said he used to live there, she just felt she couldn’t risk having a stranger in her house while her child slept

The woman didn't know what to do
The woman didn’t know what to do

If a random stranger knocked on your door and asked for a tour of your home because they used to live there, what would you do?

On the one hand, they could be telling the truth and being there with the best of intentions. But on the other hand, they’re a stranger you don’t know about – you really would have to keep an eye on them at all times.

The confused wife disagreed with her husband on what to do, so she took to Reddit to ask others for their opinions.

She wrote: “I am a 28 year old woman. My husband is 31 and we recently had our first child together; a little boy who is about eight months old. We just found out that we are expecting our second child.

“Also, we recently relocated a few states for my husband’s work. We moved to a town that’s a bit of a mix of old small town and suburb and ended up buying an older house.

The couple disagreed on what should have been done


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“A few weeks ago we were still in the process of settling in. I was unpacking while my son was taking his nap when I rang the doorbell. I opened the front door and saw an elderly man (probably mid 60’s) with a couple of little girls (not sure how old they were but probably under 10) standing on my porch.

“Hello,” he said. “I’m really sorry to stop by like this. My name is […] and these are my two granddaughters. This was the first house I ever lived in and I lived here until I was 12 years old. I have always missed this place and just want to see it one last time and also show it to the grandkids as I have been boring them with stories about this place all their lives.

“I don’t want to rush you, but I see you’ve just moved in here, so just letting us pass through here would be too much to ask? We’ll be gone in 30 minutes; I promise.”

“OK now; I don’t know this man. Admittedly he looked completely harmless; short, bald, chubby and with a pleasant expression. But still I was a pregnant woman, home alone except for my tiny, vulnerable, sleeping one Baby. Based on that, I told him, “Gosh, I’m sorry, but no.

“He replied: ‘I completely understand, but we really won’t bother. We won’t touch anything and we’ll be gone soon. I know that’s a weird request, but it would mean a lot to me if you would let me in just a little bit.”

“I replied, ‘No, I’m sorry. I can not do that. This is my home and I won’t let a stranger in without a good reason.

He said, “I think giving an aging man one last visit to his childhood home is a ‘good reason,’ but OK. I can’t force you.” Then he left.

“Later that evening, when my husband came home, I told him about the strange encounter. He told me I should have just let the man look at the place. He said that we all get nostalgic when we think of the places we grew up in and that it would have been a nice gesture to let this man see his childhood home.

“He also said that I probably just stirred up bad faith among my new roommates. But I think my comfort and safety, and the safety of my son, are more important than random person’s memories.”

Such a sticky situation, but Redditors flocked to the comments to support the original poster, saying she did the right thing.

One said: “ONLY 30 minutes. He plans to go through a stranger’s house, I bet he wants to take pictures and Thirty Minutes! No way. And with two children.

“Who knows if this isn’t a ploy to get their hands on their expensive stuff. A sobbing story. An old man and two children. They look harmless, but three people is close enough that it will be difficult to keep track of everyone when you’re just a couple yourself.”

Another wrote: “See, my first thought was that he would scout the place. Never let strangers into your home, especially when you are alone. Just because they don’t look threatening doesn’t mean they aren’t carrying a gun.”

“It’s a common tactic used by professional thieves to clean up places, FYI,” one bluntly commented.

Another wrote: “Yes, note the ‘Not to intrude but I see you’ve just moved in here.'” He knew the house was for sale, he could have viewed it at the time if he’d wanted to .

“He probably lied. And the fact that he didn’t fight back and continued to insist after she said no is incomplete. Just because he’s an old man with two kids doesn’t mean he’s not menacing.

“Besides, this is your house, it has your valuables, your privacy, and you have no reason to go out of your way to accommodate a strange man who shows up at your door unexpectedly.”

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