Women’s running race accused of sexism over prize


MADRID (AP) – Organizers of a women’s running race in Spain issued an apology on Monday after the winner was offered a takeaway food processor, prompting accusations of sexism.

The seven-kilometer Carrera de la Mujer (women’s race) issued a statement on Twitter saying it had not considered that the kitchen utensil donated by a sponsor could have sexist implications.

“We apologize but we consider this a product with no sexist character and ideal for any athlete looking to improve their dietary habits,” the statement said. “We are sorry if a woman felt offended.”

The organizers vowed to “take measures” to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Serbia international Ivana Zagorac won Sunday’s race in 24 minutes and 7 seconds in an amateur competition attended by 32,000 women. The Madrid race coincided with Spain’s Mother’s Day and supports domestic violence and cancer survivors. It takes place in other cities across Spain.

The food processor controversy went largely unnoticed until Ángela Rodríguez Pam, Spain’s Secretary of State for Equality, tweeted that the winner received a food processor and other 0% fat products.

“If you win: housewife and if not, at least you will lose weight,” Rodríguez Pam ironically tweeted.

So far, there have been T-shirts with the slogan: “Today, the girls win!”

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