World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Guide: The best ways to build the Hunter talent tree

WORLD of Warcraft’s next major expansion, Dragonflight, is coming before the end of the year and will be gameplay-changing.

One of the most notable changes is the revamped talent tree system that fans have been waiting for for a long time.

The new layout for class trees.


The new layout for class trees.Photo credit: Blizzard

There are two active talent trees in the upcoming expansion: one that defines your overall class and one that focuses on your specialty.

Besides the trees, there are three types of nodes. Square nodes are actions, circular nodes are passive, and octagonal nodes let you choose between two abilities.

Here’s how to allocate your skill points in Dragonflight’s latest system so you can create the character you want.

Hunter class tree

Kill Command is given to you as a default skill in the main hunter tree if you specialize in Beast Mastery or Survival.

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Killshot is your default if you choose Marksmanship, but should be selected first, even if you’ve chosen one of the other two specialties.

This will knock out those below 20% health and when combined with Improved Killshot, expand to those below 25% health.

Two ways give your health a boost, depending on whether you or your pet prefer to go into battle.

Improved Mend Pet increases your pet’s healing and can even remove harmful effects, while Natural Mending increases your self-healing.

Survival of the Fittest can be another option for those who want to stay on the field, reducing damage taken by 20%.

‘Tar Trap’ is another option here, as it slows down enemies as they get close to you, making it a great escape tactic if you’re ambushed.

Your first node gives you the opportunity to level up the Survival of the Fittest skill.

Lone Survivor is our pick here, as it reduces the cooldown by 30 seconds and increases the duration by 2.

While the extra 20% boost Nature’s Endurance gives is appealing, the extra time spent defending is crucial.

Other options for conserving your health include Camouflage, which lets you sneak past enemies and restores you and your pet 2% health every second for one minute, and Rejuvenating Wind, which allows you to heal every eight seconds is increased by 10%.

As we move further up the talent tree, you’ll have to decide if you want to take the path left or right.

We recommend defensive players the left path, which adds Intimidate, which allows your pet to stun targets, then Bind Shackle and on to Beastmaster, which increases your pet’s damage.

Eventually you’ll reach “Improved Kill Command” and the bottom selection node for “Alpha Predator”.

The right side offers more offensive abilities like Born to be Wild, which reduces the cooldown of certain aspects by 10% per point, and Sentinel, a great ability to attack all targets in an area without losing line of sight for up to ignore 12 seconds.

Master Marksman and Serpent Sting add bleeding and poison effects that deal damage over time.

Finally, you can choose between Latent Poison Injectors or Hydra’s bite – the latter is the preferred option as it fires two additional arrows at enemies.

Beast Mastery Tree

Where to place your points in Beast Mastery.


Where to place your points in Beast Mastery.Photo credit: Blizzard

Beast Mastery is a good choice of specialization because your pet does most of the attacks for you.

The only downside is that you can quickly get into trouble if your pet dies, so it’s good to make sure your physique is based around keeping your good boy healthy.

Barbed Shot is your bread and butter here, while Pack Tactics improves focus regeneration and Loaded Quiver gives you a second load on Barbed Shot.

Here the tree splits. The left side offers Animal Companion, which summons a second pet for extra damage.

Bestial Wrath helps with this by increasing the damage you and your pet deal for a few seconds.

Aspect of the Wild also works well with this, increasing critical hits and granting you access to Barbed Wrath, which reduces Bestial Wrath’s cooldown by a few seconds.

Call of the Wild summons two active pets and one from your stable for a few seconds, and gives access to Bloody Frenzy, which grants all active pets the effects of Barbed Shot.

The other option is to go down the Dire Pet Tree, which grants very different abilities depending on the path you take.

“Dire Beast” summons a wild beast while also increasing your haste and only has a 20 second cooldown.

Dire Command goes well with this, offering a chance to summon a beast every time you use Kill Command.

Pack Resilience also increases the time your beasts are on the field by one second.

Most importantly, however, is Dire Pack, which resets Kill Command’s cooldown while reducing its focus cost.

If you are properly built you can then spam ‘Kill Command’ and if you choose ‘In for the Kill’ there is also an option to use ‘Kill Shot’ on an enemy regardless of their health.


The best skills for marksmanship


The best skills for marksmanshipPhoto credit: Blizzard

This is one of the harder skills to level up with its limited abilities, but can be good in group content.

Marksmanship provides more traps, such as: B. “High Explosive Trap” or “Improved Traps”.

Binding Shot is another interesting talent that places an anchor and stuns anyone in range if they stray too far.

Sentinel is also available here, and its sequel, Sentinel’s Perception, will make the ability available to all of your party members.

Barrage adds additional single target damage and Death Chase deals damage and applies a Ward Down debuff.

Those who want to focus on area attacks should opt for the Lone Wolf skill, which increases damage by 10% when your pet is idle.

Chimera Shot hits a second target near your main target and works well with Rapid Fire and Multi-Shot.

“Trick Shots” play out these benefits as well, applying a buff when you hit three or more targets.

‘Bombardment’ provides further synergy by automatically applying ‘Trick Shots’ after you use ‘Chimera Shot’ four times.

The choice of knot is up to you. Heavy Ammo hits two fewer targets, but increases ricochet damage.

Light Ammo increases your ricochet by up to two additional enemies.

Volley summons a storm of arrows that damages enemies for 6 seconds and also applies the Trick Shots buff.

‘Trueshot’ increases focus area rates and reduces cooldown for other shots.

Add Eagleton’s True Focus to increase Trueshot’s duration and lower other focus costs.

For those who prefer to focus on individual targets, Double Tap will automatically fire your Aimed Shot at 100% without consuming focus.

Serpentstalker’s Trickery adds additional damage to your Aimed Shot, while Lock and Load gives your auto attacks a 8% chance to cast an additional Aimed Shot.

Legacy of the Windrunners adds six additional wind arrows to your Aimed Shot, and Windrunner’s Guide increases the chance of those arrows landing a critical hit.


How do I create the best survival build?


How do I create the best survival build?

Focusing on melee combat, survival players use a spear to deal damage alongside their pet.

This means many of the beast mastery talents apply here and work well with some key talents to maximize your build.

Wildfire Bomb is one of the more fun skills that has a great Survivor build. It deals damage over time and works well with Kill Command.

“Guerrilla Tactics” gives you an extra charge for your bomb and “Improved Wildfire Bomb” increases its damage.

Coordinated Assault increases the damage of Wildfire Bomb and adds a bleed effect to Killshot.

Explosives Expert also works well by reducing the bomb’s cooldown.

‘Wildfire Infusion’ is the last talent we recommend, which bombards you with various infusions.

Shrapnel Bomb causes Bleeding, Pheromone Bomb increases Kill Command, and Volatile Bomb applies Poison to multiple targets.

If you’d rather focus on your spear, look to the right side of the talent tree.

Harpoon takes you to your target to close the melee gap, and Terms of Engagement reduces cooldown, reduces damage taken, increases focus, and resets Harpoon when you defeat an enemy.

‘Mongoose Bite’ replaces ‘Raptor Strike’ but also gives you the ‘Mongoose Fury’ buff which deals bonus damage.

Spear Focus works well with this, increasing the bite’s damage alongside Sweeping Spear.

Bloody Claws increases the chance of Kill Command resetting for each stack of Mongoose Fury.

Spearhead will further synergize with this by increasing the damage of pet attacks and Kill Command.

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Deadly Duo is the final piece of the puzzle that reduces Mongoose Bite’s focus cost, resets Kill Command, and increases Spearhead’s duration.

While the power of these synergies can change over time, the utility of these abilities is key to the build you land on.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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