Worst ‘vampire’ gadgets that could cost you more than £500 as energy bills soar

Energy guzzling appliances like electric towel rails or underfloor heating could add a whopping £429 a year to energy bills. This will rise to £512 a year when the price rises again in October

Heating costs can be reduced
Heating costs can be reduced

The worst vampire gadgets that drain your energy and bank balance have been highlighted as energy bills soar.

A host of everyday expenses threaten to skyrocket as rising bills loom ahead of the cost of living crisis.

Electricity bills will skyrocket, but there are also increases in Social Security, council tax water bills, and other subscription services.

Smart meter analyst Loop is now bringing households to eight devices we use regularly that can drain your bank account.

Steve Buckley, Head of Data Science at Loop, narrates BirminghamLive : “Many people I speak to are very worried about their energy bills right now and unfortunately the situation is not going to improve for some time.

“The reality is that the only way we can reduce our energy bills right now is to reduce the amount of energy we use, and measuring our consumption is key.

Heated towel rails cost more than you think


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“If you measure it, you can control it. If you measure it, you can see the effects of the changes you make.

“Understanding whether your phantom load is low, medium, or high is the first step to reducing it and can result in big savings.

“Our free app connects to your smart meter so you can compare with other households, track your consumption and use the data to your advantage.

Energy-guzzling appliances like electric towel rails or underfloor heating could be adding a whopping £429 a year (or £8.25 a week) to energy bills from next week. This will rise to £512 a year when the price rises again in October.

Reducing underfloor heating saves on your bills


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Electricity bills are expected to rise 54% and rise again in October, with further increases predicted every three months.

In his spring statement, Chancellor Rishi Sunak hinted that there could be more help to pay for rising fuel bills.

but Wales online They can reportedly be reduced by adjusting your thermostat and making sure you have as much double glazing and insulation as possible.

Before energy company Utilita went bust last year, it produced a guide to how much energy each device uses in standby mode.

Archie Lasseter, Head of Sustainability at Utilita, narrates The sun : “The standby mode is a real energy guzzler – some devices use as much energy as when they are switched on. Leaving only one TV on standby in each household can waste up to £16 of electricity a year.”

Turning off the TV properly and not leaving it on standby can save you money


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Therefore, while £16 a year might not seem like much, turning off a TV would save you £1 a month on your electricity bill. More if you have extra TVs, and more if bills go up in April.

A games console like an XBox or Playstation also uses around 10 watts on standby – or £16.24 a year when not in use.

A laptop adds £4.87 a year to your bill if you leave it untouched but plugged in.

Your Google Home or Alexa smart speakers use almost as much power on standby as they do when operating – £3.45 a year on your bill for each speaker.

A plug-in baby monitor will cost you £4.87 a year when not in use

Underfloor heating is expensive and costs can be reduced


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If you turn off the outside lights, you save money


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And even a phone charger left plugged in when not charging adds 32p a year to your bill.

So overall, if you have a couple of smart speakers, a laptop, a games console, more than one TV and a few other gadgets, you could spend £60 a year – or £5 a month – just not having them. pretty off.

People with multiple devices, TVs, laptops and consoles will spend significantly more.

Computers and game consoles should be turned off properly to reduce energy costs


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According to British Gas, up to 23% of UK household energy use could power vampire devices – that’s £293 of the average energy bill, which is capped at £1,277 a year.

Energy expert Rob Bohm says these devices waste billions of dollars in energy every year.

Bohm said, “You’re electrical appliances, chargers and lights all over your house, devices sucking power from the grid — constantly — even when you think they’re off.”

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