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WWE 2K20 has some well-documented issues, and that probably lightens it up. So, with a two-year absence and a clear return to the drawing board approach, you should expect the latest entry in the grappling series, WWE 2K22 to come out throwing lariat its hardest. Well, from what my brief hands-on time with the game has revealed so far, it appears it’s mostly Cesaro swinging.

At first, WWE 2K22 didn’t quite feel like the radical evolution for the series that was promised. Sure, everything looks more polished and refined, but that’s to be expected from the extended development time, but when compared to the last entry in the series, things start to shine and too. evolution happens rapidly.

In addition to the graphics and sound, which have been greatly improved, the progress really feels like it is in the overall presentation of the WWE product. Smart adjustments in things like camera angle and lighting really help bring the simulation closer to the TV experience. The ring feels smaller and more proportionate to the live wrestlers. Small tweaks to be sure, but they all contribute to the broader, aforementioned quest for the ultimate WWE experience.

Smart adjustments in camera angles and lighting really help bring the simulation closer to the TV experience.

There’s also the attention to detail that really helps bring the whole package together. Small details like the music that hit a recorded pin, the real faces that dot the screens of the pandemic-era Thunderdome, and the audience response and reaction feel more in tune with the real WWE. . And I couldn’t help but smile as the audience started singing along to Shinsuke Nakamura’s input theme, like you hear every week on Smackdown. That’s not to say this attention to detail hasn’t been there before, but this time around the overall presentation feels like it’s the core focus, especially when it comes to tying it all together. this together in the ring.

WWE 2K22

Perhaps the biggest advertised change to WWE 2K22 is the new game engine, seemingly built from the ground up. Again, this is something that on the surface doesn’t feel like an advertised overhaul, but after a few games (and after shaking off those old playing habits) I started to experience a New level of fluency.

The cumbersome and lengthy grappling system is gone, and in its place dynamic assemblies. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about complicated Street Fighter-style quads here, but through a combination of your light, heavy, and brief attacks, you can now do it! Highlight sequences and grapple with the ease at home on WWE Television. It can be as simple as pressing lightly, pressing hard and then grabbing and you can instantly create a Pumphandle suplex. The most exciting thing about this development is how welcoming it is to newcomers. I’ve played a lot of matches against newbies myself before, which often resulted in constant hits and no real light. but now, I can’t understand why a beginner can’t provide a devastating DDT in the first place.

Unlike WWE 2K20, you now have unlimited reverses, creating endless variation in dominating the match.

However, that doesn’t mean button handling is a viable tactic. Along with the reversal, WWE 2K22 now has three more defensive options; block, dodge and break, the latter being the first for the chain and an important variation on the reverse. Break is generated if you and your opponent press the same attack button at the same time, this prevents someone from spamming the attack button and encourages diversity in your decisions. Unlike WWE 2K20, you now have an unlimited number of reverses that – at least for me – made endless reversals in dominating the match, focusing the action on the movie instead of the movie. who can store more inversions. However, I’m a bit worried about how easily I feel it’s reversible in the face of AI, to the point where I almost feel like I’ll never be able to. Not reverse something. Based on my little time with the game, I feel like the inversion window could be even smaller to really enhance those moments.

I’ve only scratched the surface with WWE 2K22’s in-ring game, but what I’ve played so far feels like it strikes the right balance between depth and welcome to newcomers. Like some of my favorite fighting games, I quickly found myself checking the list of combinations, trying to memorize my favorite moves, and the game reciprocated that dedication by giving allowing the matches to continuously feel exciting and dramatic. Well, at least in single or group tagging scenario, where space allows instance. As with previous entries in the series, the 5 plus wrestlers in the ring still create chaotic disruption, but it certainly feels like the targeting system has been improved, which is a well-deserved addition. welcome.

During my time with WWE 2K22, I also had the opportunity to try out the brand new GM mode, requested by the fans. This time called MyGM, a mode that has been absent from the series since 2008.

MyGM puts you in charge of a WWE show, with a pre-selected or custom character as your avatar. The version I played lacked a custom creator, but I was still allowed to choose from on-screen characters like Adam Pearce, Sony Deville, and Stephanie McMahon. You are then invited to reserve the lineup for your chosen show weekly and must deal with feuds, contracts, superstar requests, and all the nuances of hosting a successful wrestling show. labour.

My time with MyGM was short, and it’s clearly a mode that requires long playtime to get the most out of it. However, I enjoyed my short session and have begun to feel better. The majority of my decisions, whether it’s building a GM and superstar feud with Shane McMahon and Montez Ford, or increasing spending on show production, feel valued and reciprocated by Weekly ratings and fan reactions. Criticism of the match, however, is critically important to the pairing of pre-specified types of wrestlers, rather than intelligently criticizing it on a case-by-case basis. I’ve been told that Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns are not a good matchup as both are powerhouses and sorry, that was bullshit.

It’s hard to know how deep and relevant MyGM is at this point, but I’m concerned it could be a bit shallow, especially given the limitations of your card size and weekly run length, which are limited. term at 50 weeks. It is certainly nowhere as detailed as a game like Football Manager. Still, it makes for a WWE TV show-like production, especially when you follow the matches and watch the AI ​​incorporate dramatic action, all from the unique camera angles of the WWE. Friend. This is especially good when you know that your presort operation is coming up.

From my brief time with it, WWE 2K22 feels like an improvement on the whole. It’s hard to tell if these new systems will have the desired depth over time, but what I’ve seen so far shows a huge attention to detail in presentation, a welcome step forward. Welcome to newcomers and dedicated to accurately reflecting the drama of a classic WWE match.

Dale Driver is a Senior Video Producer for IGN and a lifelong WWE fan/apologist. Get completely bored by following him on Twitter at @_daledriver.

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