Yeezy Gap / Balenciaga is here. It’s worth it?

There was disruption, from the very beginning. An important piece of news dropped all of a sudden, like a surprise, right at the foot of the fashion establishment as Milan Fashion Week began.

The Yeezy Gap designed by Balenciaga projectflamboyantly named, seriously named joint collection by artist formerly known as Kanye West (now just Ye) and former designer Demna Gvasalia (now just Demna) has published, three months ahead of schedule, in the form of 25 full-frame photographs, with eight pieces are offered immediately to pre-order.

In the paintings, the aesthetic is big, fierce, vague like the army, like the uniform of a post-apocalyptic world. Mostly all black, in what looks like nylon or wrinkled leather (or imitation leather) with some light blue denim thrown in. There are some thigh-high leather boots and some big rubber welds, a cool-looking short-sleeve sweater, though. Currently available for purchase are the most basic pieces of clothing in the line: long trousers, a matching denim jacket, some matte black tees, a sweatshirt with a placket pocket. The face, as desired by both Ye and Demna, was covered.

And it raises real, opportunistic questions about what exactly we buy when we buy fashion.

Of course, the timing could be a coincidence. Motivation for the release, the announcement said, Ye’s Experience/drop Donda 2 live album in Miami.

However, it’s hard to believe that both Ye and Demna (whose Balenciaga show is set to take place in Paris on March 6) were unaware of the other fashion events going on – especially since more than half of the set the collection is not available, and it’s unclear when it will be available and the part won’t be shipped for 4 to 8 weeks – suggesting there is some desire to get the whole thing out there in the meantime published.

Especially given the fact that they have positioned their collaboration as a sort of effort against haute couture: “A CREATIVE EXPLANATION OF IT’S FIRST TYPES IN YEEZY GAP UNIVERSITY” (in its entirety) the bulletin is written in capital letters, it seems to be something like Ye living her life). It continued, noting: “Ye’s commitment to putting creativity first and delivering her vision of ergonomic design for all.”

Embrace that, quintessential fashionistas. These are real clothes that real people can use in the real world. Or at least those who follow us obsessively on social media, where this collaboration makes the most noise, and where Ye herself turns from dramatic to melodramatic to philosophical contemplation in public view.

Or are they?

As with luxury fashion, the Yeezy Gap / Balenciaga collection (for better shorthand) made waves. and predict the power of the public watching and listening to want not to buy a faded black t-shirt, but a passport to Ye and Demna’s world, to the house of creative counting limits they share. To buy a piece of this particular cultural moment and what they as artists represent. It just has the shape of a t-shirt.

That’s really what they’re selling: their foresight track record and their view of the world. Collections are just expressions.

To a certain extent, that’s also what every luxury brand is selling. It’s just that Yeezy Gap/Balenciaga is doing it on a pop-culture scale, arguably at an accessible price point and in a particularly obvious way.

Because while the names themselves are powerful, the clothes – at least the ones currently available – are… not.

There are four T-shirts, all matte black: one with three-quarter sleeves; one without shoulder seams, in a way Float coats it was Ye’s first product for Gap; one with the tiny Gap logo; one with long sleeves; all have slightly cropped, squared proportions. The hoodie has a sort of pleated bottom. Got a pair of slim-fit sports pants. The denim jacket, which goes well with faded and worn jeans, has square shoulders, a slim waist, and rubber shoe-like anatomical patches.

Many pieces come with a dove on the back to represent “an unnamed hope for the future,” according to the release. Alternatively, perhaps, to give insiders clues about what they’re seeing, like some sort of secret visual handshake.

In other words, the more designer clothing than the hoodie is Ye’s second product for Gap, and looks a lot like a regular Champion shirt, but with less difference than an underwired shirt.

According to a spokesperson, they are made in the same US factories as other Gap products, and are all 100% cotton. They range in price from $140 for tees to $440 for denim jackets.

It’s affordable in the skewed economy of high fashion – more affordable, no doubt, than Demna’s job at Balenciaga or Ye’s sneakers – but it’s not really.” for all” and it is a lot more expensive than the price of regular Gap products, where a denim jacket is now $63 (it’s also a lot more than the Yeezy Gap puff pastry, which costs around $200).

It’s worth it?

This is a question often asked about more expensive clothes – clothes with less utility are said to be less and are displayed on the runway. I thought about that as I sat through the Diesel and Fendi shows, which took place in the shadow of the Yeezy Gap / Balenciaga.

Diesel, another brand (like Gap) that tends to market itself as “democratic”, launched its first live show with Glenn Martens – a Belgian designer best known for his work ideas with the hit brand Y / Project – as creative director. It takes place in a cave setting space art piece directed by Niklas Bildstein Zaar, according to Voguewho also happens to work on Donda shows and who decorated the room with epic explosion Everyone provocative pose in jeans.

The collection was as massive as life jackets, filled with giant ripped jeans and tiny jean skirts that looked like big belts; Silk jumpsuit with jeans and ribbed knit pants in metallic chrome. But it’s the grizzly bear-like jackets that are made from reshaped strands of denim, and the evening dresses that are stitched together from different points of view and end up looking like a collage. certain combination, is the highlight, and different from the brand or designer.

The same goes for Fendi, as Kim Jones plays a clever game between hard and soft in soft ruffled pastel dresses (sometimes with a halter neck and hood in the back) stacked between the two. the bra and panties fit and stack for a seamless, body-hugging cut in houndstooth and tweed; businessmen and mistresses sued.

In either case, the sheer tactile nature of the materials and the way they are handled – engineering, composition – is part of the value proposition. That means, even if you remove the complicated aspirations and hype associated with brands and fashion at all levels these days, there’s still something specific that can end. associated with personal identity. It’s utility, of a kind.

The value proposition with Yeezy Gap / Balenciaga, although also based on the idea of ​​”utility” (which in Yeezy’s case is mostly a synonym for “fundamental”, which is a relative term) has weight much greater than the mystery of the men behind the curtain; to their currency and cultural ambitions, not the currency of the brand on the label or the garment itself.

Bet on how much the change they’ve made is worth – and possibly worth. Ultimately, that will determine whether the entry price is a steal or a fake. Yeezy Gap / Balenciaga is here. It’s worth it?

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